All fleet owners know the gap that exists between changes they should make and the changes that actually happen. If you’ve read about some of the benefits of fleet route optimization then making changes to how you plan your daily routes might be on that list.

Of course, any change you make to your business comes with a cost. It’s the cost of downtime while your teams learn new processes or systems. It’s the cost of replacing tools and solutions that were part of the “old system” and moving to something new.

But there’s a cost with not changing as well. It’s the cost of letting your competitors invest in new technology to improve business efficiency and offering a higher standard of customer service.

As a business manager, making the decision between action and inaction is all part of the risk/reward assessment you make every day on the landslide of offers that come your way. But to avoid missing the best opportunities, accurate data on both the risks and rewards is critical.

When it comes to choosing routing optimization software, it’s important to not overestimate the risk of change.

New route planning and scheduling software – evolution not revolution

While corporate change management is a discussion of its own, and how change is approached will vary depending on a company’s age and size, there is good news about rolling out a new route planning system.

It doesn’t need to be a revolution.

This is good news for fleets with route planning processes that are firmly embedded. They may have a dedicated route planner (or router), hard-copy route cards for drivers and route data stored carefully inside a driver’s head – and nowhere else.

To switch from a situation like that to a fully digitized and web-based route planning solution seems too close to chasm-leaping for most managers.

Fortunately, a Telogis Route solution doesn’t come into your business all guns blazing. The approach to transferring your route planning to Telogis Route can be as slow or quick-rolling as you like. It’s the unobtrusive addition to your route planning system – you can build out the power of Telogis Route over time.

For fleets already managing their mobile workforce on Telogis Fleet the change will be barely noticeable. The process of upgrading to Telogis Route is seamless and, once activated, it sits nicely within the existing dashboard – an additional menu option ready to be accessed when needed.

Optimized route planning doesn’t need to be months away

Getting your fleet switched over to an optimized route planning solution like Telogis Route can seem like a mammoth task. It doesn’t have to be, and our experienced implementation team is like no one else when it comes to paving the way forward.

Here are a few reasons why the Telogis Route Planning Suite can be added to your fleet’s bag of tricks without too much disruption.

No software to install – As a web-based SaaS route planning solution, Telogis Route runs on any Internet-connected device, Windows or Mac. Open up your web browser, log in and you’re on your way.

Start small – Our implementation service can guide you on the best practices for running a pilot project on just a small segment of your fleet. This is an ideal way to allow the solution to bed down as part of your business before rolling out to the entire group.

Smart optimization – Telogis Route can “learn” your current routes, using GPS location data, driver preferences and customer service requirements such as delivery time windows (sometimes referred to as constraints). Within this framework, and respecting your customer commitments, Telogis Route can search for efficiency gains and more optimized routes. Over time you can experiment with changing constraints to find additional cost savings.

Simple route visualization – Color-coded routes are displayed visually and can be modified using a simple drag and drop interface. See all routes together on the map or filter to a single route for quick analysis.

If you’re not fully convinced it can be that easy, why not get a Telogis salesperson to talk through how it would work for the specific business needs of your fleet? Give it a go and see how changing to optimized routing with Telogis is minimal disruption for maximum gain.