Up-to-the-minute road conditions for commercial drivers in states affected by flooding

Road conditions and closures have been updated related to historic rainfall and flooding in parts of Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas.

It’s our goal to maintain access to the most up-to-date and accurate road closure and condition information curated specifically for commercial drivers, and we’ll continue to keep you updated daily until these are no longer an issue.

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Here are the most recent road condition updates and road closures for Texas, Oklahoma and Arkansas as of 3pm Central Time on Monday, June 1, 2015:

Arkansas :

AR-41 / TX-8 – Between Foreman, AR and New Boston, TX

US-259 – between Idabel, OK and De Kalb, TX

US-70 west of Hugo, OK is closed and OK 3 east of Antlers OK is closed

US-71 / US-59 – between Ashdown & Texarkana, AR


Cherokee County

SH-80 is closed to through traffic about four miles west of Hulbert between SH-51 and US-62.

Choctaw County

US-271 is closed south of Hugo, just north of the Red River bridge due to flooding over the roadway. The suggested detour is from Hugo, continue eastbound on US-70 then southbound on SH-98 (TX SH-37) to Clarksville, TX. If going to Paris, TX area, continue west on US-82.

US-70 is closed at the Muddy Boggy River between Soper and Boswell.

SH-109 is closed from the US-271/SH-109 junction west 5 miles.

SH-109 is closed three miles south of the US-70 junction and six miles east of US-271.

Cotton County

SH-5B is closed between SH-5A and US-70.

Grant County

SH-11 between US-81 in Medford and SH-132 is open to one lane with traffic signals.

Jefferson County

SH-32 is closed near Ryan; traffic is detoured on US-81 or SH-89 to US-70.

Johnston County

US-377/SH-99 is closed to through traffic just south of Tishomingo. Traffic is detoured on SH-1/SH-22 through Ravia and US-177/SH-199.

SH-22 is closed to through traffic between SH-78 and Nida.

Kingfisher County

SH-33 is closed about three miles west of the SH-74F junction near Cashion.

Kiowa County

SH-54 is closed to through traffic just south of SH-9 near Gotebo. Traffic is detoured using SH-19 to US-183 to SH-55. This closure is expected to last into next week.

Latimer County

SH-2 is closed south of Yanush. Detour is US-271 from the Clayton Y north through Tuskahoma and Albion.

Leflore County

US-270 is closed between Wister and Heavener and US-271 at Wister. Signs are in place and traffic will be detoured to Poteau and Heavener.

SH-1 is closed between US-271 and US-259 through the Ouachita National Forest.

Love County

SH-32 is closed over Wilson Creek just west of Lebanon.

Marshall County

US-70 Roosevelt bridge over Lake Texoma is closed.

SH-32 is closed west of Lebanon.

SH-199 is closed at the Ft. Washita bridge approximately five miles west of SH-48.

McCurtain County

SH-259A is closed in Beaver’s Bend State Park.

SH-87 is closed from the Arkansas state line west to US-259.

US-259 is closed at the Red River on the Texas side. Drivers must find an alternate route traveling into Texas.

Ottawa County

SH-125 is closed at River View Park at the Neosho River near Miami.

Pottawatomie County

SH-102 is closed between SH-9 and SH-59B

Pushmataha County

US-271 is closed south of Clayton.

SH-43 is closed at Sardis Dam.

Sequoyah County

US-64D is closed one mile north of US-64. Detour route is US-64 and I-40.

Tulsa County

SH-11 is closed just north of the SH-20 junction. Traffic detoured to use SH-20, US-75, US-60 and SH-123/SH-11 through Washington Co.


Brazoria County


3.405 Miles West of PARKER SCHOOL RD to 3.405 Miles West of PARKER SCHOOL RD, Water over roadway.

Clay County


2.4 Miles East of FM2393 to 1 Miles West of FM0810, Water over roadway.

Coryell County


0.949 Miles North of SH0036 on FM1829, The roadway is closed due to flooding.


1166.88 Feet South of PR0014 on SH0236, The bridge is closed, use alternate route. The roadway is closed due to flooding.

Dawson County


2.396 Miles North of US0087 on FM0178 to 2249.28 Feet North of US0087 on FM0178, Water over roadway.

Denton County

BS0121H Westbound

1.31 Miles East of FM3504 on BS0121H to 1.243 Miles East of FM3504 on BS0121H, Water over roadway. Motorists should expect delays.

Foard County


0.9 Miles North of FM3103 to 0 Miles North of US0070, Use alternate route. Temporary Construction Detour has washed out.

Fort Bend County

I-69 Southbound

1.553 Miles East of FM2759 on IH0069, Frontage road only, main lanes are open.

Garza County


2.541 Miles East of FM0212 on FM1313 to 2.66 Miles East of FM0212 on FM1313, Water over roadway.


3.475 Miles West of FM0399 on FM1313 to 3.326 Miles West of FM0399 on FM1313, Water over roadway.

Hale County


63.36 Feet East of FM0179 on FM1914 to 63.36 Feet West of FM1424 on FM1914, Water over roadway.

Hays County


3.137 Miles South of RM1826 on RM0150 to 2.631 Miles North of RM3237 on RM0150

RM 150 is closed at the Onion Creek double crossings due to high water and pavement damage.

Henderson County


2.405 Miles South of FM0764 on FM1667 to 3.057 Miles South of FM0764 on FM1667, Water over roadway.

Hidalgo County


0.767 Miles North of FM2812 on FM0493 to 2418.24 Feet North of FM2812 on FM0493, Water over roadway.

Hopkins County


1087.68 Feet East of BS0224B on FM0071 to 353.76 Feet East of FM3134 on FM0071, Water over roadway.

Kaufman County

FM0741 Westbound

939.84 Feet North of US0175 on FM0741 to 359.04 Feet South of US0175 on FM0741, Water over roadway.


0 Feet North of FM0148 on FM3039 to 0 Feet North of FM1389 on FM3039, Water over roadway.


1.584 Miles West of FM0460 on US0080 to 0.648 Miles West of FM0460 on US0080, Water over roadway.

Liberty County


4.01 Miles South of US0090 on FM0563 to 2.96 Miles North of FM0770 on FM0563, Water over roadway.


718.08 Feet South of US0090 on FM2684 to 1.376 Miles South of FM3361 on FM2684, Water over roadway.


322.08 Feet South of US0090 on FM2684 to 1.408 Miles South of FM3361 on FM2684, Low water crossings are flooding.


0.616 Miles West of FM2684 on FM3361 to 47.52 Feet West of FM2684 on FM3361, Low water crossings are flooding.

Llano County


1.539 Miles West of RM1431 on RM3404 to 1.401 Miles West of RM1431 on RM3404, Low water crossings are flooding.

Madison County


485.76 Feet East of SH0021 on FM2548 to 649.44 Feet East of SH0021 on FM2548, Water over roadway.

McLennan County


.012 Miles East of FM2837 on US0084 to 1.511 Miles East of FM2837 on US0084, Low water crossings are flooding.

Montague County


2.922 Miles West of US0081 on FM1806 to 1045.44 Feet West of US0081 on FM1806, Dirt and debris over roadway; travel with caution.

Real County


1367.52 Feet West of RM2748 on FM1120 to 1884.96 Feet East of US0083 on FM1120, Low water crossings are flooding.

Rockwall County


15.84 Feet East of FM0035 on IH0030 to 105.6 Feet East of FM2642 on IH0030, Frontage roads only.

Smith County


464.64 Feet South of US0080 on FM1804 to 696.96 Feet North of US0069 on FM1804, Water over roadway.

Swisher County


1.5 Miles East of FM2301 to 0.3 Miles West of FM2301, Water over roadway.

Tarrant County


2.085 Miles South of SH0183 on SH0360 to 2.558 Miles South of SH0183 on SH0360, Water over roadway.

Waller County

FM0529 Westbound

1.692 Miles East of FM0331 on FM0529, Low water crossings are flooding.


4.518 Miles South of FM3346 on FM1887 to 4.631 Miles South of FM3346 on FM1887, Water over roadway.

SH0159 Westbound

0.587 Miles South of FM3346 on SH0159, Low water crossings are flooding.

Wise County


0.509 Miles East of FM2123 on SH0114 to 1.002 Miles East of FM2123 on SH0114, Water over roadway.

Wood County


52.8 Feet South of SL0564 on FM1254 to 0 Feet North of FM0778 on FM1254, Water over roadway.