Well-known furniture supplier ASF operates in more than 19 states, with around 130 stores, and 650 delivery trucks. It all adds up to a busy network of drivers, depots, and thousands of customer deliveries every year. How do they stay profitable and care for the environment, while keeping up with customer demand?

The secret lies in an intelligent routing system that is helping them work with a minimum of waste — that’s a win-win for any business, simultaneously saving them money and reducing their carbon footprint.

Routing software simplifies logistics

As a business grows, along with the number of staff and vehicles, the logistical challenge that comes with it can be a nightmare for fleet managers not equipped with the right tools. Trucks traveling unnecessary miles, back hauling empty loads or having to repeat deliveries all add to the expense of running a fleet.

To simplify the situation, managers need to turn to enterprise software, such as web-based Telogis Route, to help them manage and control their fleet planning.

ASF were able to make significant savings with smarter route planning, including:

  • Automated route planning — Less time spent on planning daily routes, automating several time-intensive processes.
  • Route deviation — Identifying times when drivers were getting lost or taking the long way helped improve driver efficiency.
  • Closest driver to dispatch — When a driver was called on to do an ad-hoc or emergency job, the closest driver could easily be found in minutes and dispatched to do the delivery.
  • Use the right truck the first time — Trucks can be tagged with attributes, and this information used when route planning or dispatching. It means the right vehicle can be used based on the type of furniture being delivered, and road restrictions can be observed for larger trucks that are unable to use some suburban streets.
  • Less windshield time, greater productivityGPS navigation and optimized routing is assisting staff to finish deliveries earlier and arrive back at the store where they can be put to good use.
  • Advanced, flexible scheduling — Route schedules can be created days in advance, and automatically allow for different shifts, employee leave, and public holidays, as well as customer preferences and delivery time-windows.

Route planning software not only saved ASF time, but resulted in other benefits.

  • 15% reduction (on average) in miles traveled per store
  • 11% improvement in dollars of merchandise delivered per mile traveled
  • 20% reduction in overtime for the delivery teams

While this offered a valuable improvement to their bottom line, there was another benefit too.

Not just cost savings, but planet saving too

The 15 percent reduction in mileage has meant that ASF are also achieving a worthwhile goal of minimizing carbon emissions across the fleet. Eliminating unnecessary miles driven has saved a large amount of fuel, reducing the output of climate-changing gases and CO2 (approx 20 pounds per gallon burned).

By becoming a green fleet, ASF are saving more than just the planet. GPS-based fleet monitoring also helps to keep their drivers safe by alerting to dangerous driving, a factor that leads to many accidents, injuries, and excessive fuel costs (estimates indicate that aggressive driving can decrease fuel economy by up to 33%).

Calculate how much Telogis could help your fleet reduce its carbon footprint with our online calculator, and join businesses like ASF that are going green for a good cause.