Providing great customer service is a good business decision, but it can have its drawbacks. Sure, your customers love the extra level of service you’re providing, but it comes at a cost. You find yourself running after your customers, breaking your back to meet their every whim.

So what’s the smart way to provide customer service?

The answer lies in automating as many of your operations as possible, replacing tedious manual processes with a reliable system that can look after your customers day after day, catering to all their individual requirements, keeping them satisfied and maintaining your sanity.

For fleet operators, fleet management software that can operate routing and scheduling is an obvious choice to help automate operations. But before you invest resources in a solution, you need to be sure the change will provide your fleet with a good return on investment (ROI) and will allow you to offer your customers a sufficiently higher level of service. Your fleet management software needs to be built on a leading-edge platform from a proven provider that is not only committed to the industry, but will also provide the support you need to be successful.

When you purchase a Telogis® solution, you not only get great software but also enjoy a partnership with an entire team of specialists focused on solving customer problems. Telogis products are developed with input from the user community, adapting to their changing needs and demands. Telogis has a long history in fleet management and employs some of the sharpest minds in the technology industry. We invest extensively in our research staff and are the provider of choice for some of the largest fleets in the U.S.

Telogis built its solutions from the ground up, using the company’s own proprietary GPS routing technology. In fact, Telogis GeoBase™ is used by many other service providers in the routing industry to power their solutions.

When you become a Telogis customer, you get the benefit of the whole team working with you, side by side, to create intelligent software that makes it easier for you to look after your customers.

Telogis Plan — Accommodating all your customer needs

So how exactly does Telogis help you to deliver great customer service? Take our route-planning product, Telogis Plan, for example. It caters to your customers in several different ways:

  • Store notes for individual customers — When it comes to great service, one size doesn’t fit all. There are always those little things that a fussy customer wants done differently. You can store notes on a customer’s record so that when a route card is printed it includes those extra points the driver should be aware of, such as where to find the keys for the forklift, or to cover the fish bowl when spraying for pests.
  • Specific delivery days, times, and drivers — In some industries, timing is everything. For example, if you’re in the food and beverage business serving the hospitality industry, then your customers most likely have strict requirements on when deliveries should be made. Telogis Route allows you to specify the frequency and time windows for deliveries. Customer preferences can even extend to a specific driver.
  • Last minute or ad hoc jobs — Customers don’t always plan ahead. Perhaps most of your jobs are on a regular cycle, but you get a call for an urgent pickup out of the blue. How can you accommodate the customer without disrupting the existing schedule? With Telogis Route you can add a new customer job, assign the appropriate driver, and determine their expected time of arrival at the customer’s location. Existing jobs are automatically reorganized to minimize interference. Using Telogis Navigation, these ad hoc jobs can be sent immediately to the driver’s navigation device, re-routing them to the new client.
  • Proactively manage delays — Unfortunately you can’t control everything (we’ve yet to build that into our software!) and sometimes your drivers will be held up by unusually busy traffic or a mechanical breakdown. These delays will obviously impact on your customers, but you can take the sting out of the hold-ups by proactively managing the delay. For example, you could re-route another driver to cover for the indisposed operator, or simply contact the customer to inform them of the delay and the new ETA. You’d be amazed how impressed customers are with that level of service!

As competition increases, delivering a high standard of customer service could be the one thing that separates you from your competitors and ensures ongoing profitability. And it doesn’t have to be that hard — you can let the ‘machines’ do the heavy lifting.

Telogis Plan takes all the complication out of assigning your fleet resources while satisfying all your customer demands — no matter how tough or varied they are!