Like any company initiative, going green is a team effort, and for your fleet to become a green fleet will take more than just switching your vehicles to biodiesel or leasing a few hybrid cars.

Getting everyone involved is the key; reducing your carbon footprint is a combination of a lot of small factors that add up to making a significant difference.

Think global act local

When it comes to environmental initiatives the commonly quoted slogan is “Think global, act local”. It’s important for fleets to take heed of this advice since a fleet is made up of lots of individual parts, often working independently without taking stock of how their actions affect the bigger, or global, picture.

Even a small change in driver behavior or vehicle maintenance can make a big difference when multiplied across your entire fleet. For example, by monitoring driver speed you can coach drivers to keep within posted limits and drive at a more economical rate, since every 5mph over 65 results in a 7% reduction in fuel economy. Applying those savings across the U.S. could potentially reduce oil consumption by around 500 million barrels based on our current usage of seven billion barrels annually.

On the world scene, the U.S. is the largest contributor of greenhouse gases, adding around 1,600 million metric tons every year, or more than double the output of the second biggest polluter, China. Almost half of those carbon emissions come from burning oil. In fact, if American vehicles and light trucks were viewed as a nation on their own, they would be the 5th biggest polluting nation in the world.

So while at a fleet level we aren’t adding a massive amount of greenhouse gases, together, as a nation, we need to start taking responsibility for our actions.

And those actions don’t have to be big. They just have to be consistent and applied across the entire fleet.

Help your drivers take action

It’s not as if your drivers don’t care about the environment — they do. But they’re busy, they have a lot to do and a limited amount of time. They need your help to know what actions they can take that will be most effective in reducing their impact on the environment.

With Telogis Fleet you’ll have all the information you need to do just that. The system can be used to monitor a range of driver and vehicle metrics that will show you exactly what impact fleet management is having on your fuel costs, both for individual vehicles and the whole fleet.

Eco-friendly activities that can be enabled by Telogis Fleet include:

  • Monitoring and reporting on speeding to implement driving training programs
  • Optimizing routing and territory allocation
  • Real-time fleet visibility means dispatch can send the closest and most economical vehicle to a callout
  • Monitoring excessive idling to identify additional fuel savings
  • Implementing a proactive and automated maintenance schedule
  • Checking vehicle metrics such as tire pressure to keep vehicles running as economically as possible
  • Using fuel consumption data to purchase more economical vehicles
  • Reporting on asset utilization to see which vehicles are no longer required and can be decommissioned

Reducing our dependence on foreign oil starts with minimizing or eliminating the current level of fuel wasted through inefficient fleet operations. Fleet managers have a unique opportunity to make a big contribution to helping America breathe easier while setting an example for other fleets to follow.