The growing complexity of managing a mobile workforce seems to be speeding up. Developments such as new compliance rules for CMV carriers and the Amazon effect can create headaches for fleet managers trying to keep their business safe, legal and profitable.

Here at Telogis we’ve worked alongside fleets of all types for more than 10 years, and have a good understanding of the challenges they’re up against. We know the work they do isn’t simple and it’s why we invest so heavily in research and development to solve the hard problems.

So it’s nice to have that investment in R&D acknowledged for the second year running with the recent announcement from ABI Research that, based on their most recent competitive assessment of the telematics industry, Telogis earned the highest scores in innovation.

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It’s a pleasing result for us and added reassurance for our customers, knowing that every day we are working hard to develop new and smarter solutions to make their job easier and more productive.

Commenting on the scope of innovation at Telogis, ABI Research stated that: “Telogis has succeeded on all fronts by consistently innovating – whether through their partnerships with the top vehicle manufacturers to provide built-in access to their solutions or by delivering compelling products and services with the kinds of features the market demands.”

We have no intention of slowing down the work we do in any of our research centers. Our software engineers in Austin, Toronto and New Zealand are focused on clever solutions, not to win more awards, but to give fleet owners the tools they need to be productive, efficient and, most importantly, keep their workers safe from harm.