There’s a lot of talk in tech circles about big data and the IoT (Internet of Things for the uninitiated). While it’s impacting a lot of different industries, it’s particularly relevant to mobile workforces and commercial fleets simply due to the massive amount of potential data these kinds of organizations can generate.

Unlike more static workforces, moving groups of employees are creating data points every minute of the day. Here are a few examples:

  • Travel speed
  • ETA to next destination
  • Current vehicle health
  • Job progress
  • Time on site
  • Load weight
  • Driving events
  • Supervisor on site
  • Fuel consumption
  • DEF levels

We could go on – we haven’t even started on industry-specific events like gallons of water delivered to a construction site or yards of asphalt laid – but you get the point. There are literally hundreds of different metrics being generated each minute of the day, and the bigger your mobile workforce, the larger the multiplication factor.

If the idea of all this new data streaming into your management reports is exciting then you would have been in good company at the recent Telogis Latitude user conference* where Telogis CEO, David Cozzens, discussed the massive potential of what he referred to as “true connected intelligence.”

While this massive firehose of data coming in from the field is overwhelming for some technology companies, Telogis is comfortable handling mountains of data. But it doesn’t stop there. Telogis knows how to make sense of all the data, and therein lies the real beauty of connected intelligence.

Connected Intelligence – Making data meaningful

It’s not enough to just extract data from all your mobile resources – it needs to be meaningful to your business and presented in a format that makes it actionable.

For example, consider seat belt utilization. The data on its own may be meaningless but when connected with other data points – such as miles traveled, location and speed – it can become a much more useful indicator of how safety conscious a driver is. If it’s also presented as a performance metric to the driver within a training application, it also becomes actionable, helping the driver to self-correct.

FreshDirect, an e-grocer in the tri-state area, is a perfect example of connected intelligence in action. To deliver fresh, safe food it is critical to maintain the cold chain, right through from the warehouse to the customer’s door.

Connected intelligence allowed FreshDirect to maintain the cold chain as part of their overall mobile enterprise management solution from Telogis, in fact it’s one of the main reasons they chose them.


Telogis was able to pull data from each of the delivery trucks so the team could monitor a range of important metrics – temperature, doors open, time and location – and take action quickly to correct any potential problems – all from a convenient web-based dashboard.

There are many more examples like FreshDirect that show connected intelligence is not just a buzzword – it’s making a real difference in helping mobile workforces stay competitive and innovate on a daily basis.

*A summary of the presentation can be found in the December 2015 issue of Fleet Owner magazine.