What’s the secret to a productive fleet? Every fleet manager you ask would likely have a different answer — some secret sauce they use to squeeze every inch of productivity out of their fleet.

But while fleet managers can easily see the correlation between hours worked, miles driven and jobs done, there’s one area of productivity that sometimes gets overlooked and something that can have quite an impact on is the effectiveness of your fleet.

Congregating — The enemy of productivity?

Congregating, or gathering together, of employees has sometimes been portrayed as the enemy of productivity. Why is this?

First, humans are social animals; we like to interact with one another. If you’re an office worker, this most likely happens around the water cooler. When fleet drivers congregate, that often means they are idle. They start talking about the big game, about what’s happening at home, or their favorite hobby, and before they know it an hour has passed and no work has been done. Multiply that by the number of workers who congregated at that point, and you could easily lose an entire day of production.

Of course, you don’t want to eliminate all socializing on the job. Health studies have proven that workers who feel a good measure of social support at work are far less likely to suffer from mental health issues, which could negatively impact their overall job performance.

But excessive congregating is unproductive and wasteful, and it’s a pattern that you want to correct early before it becomes an entrenched habit, or worse, a company tradition. By easily identifying patterns of worker socializing, you can quickly spot and then address any issues before they become a problem.

The Group Tracking feature in Telogis Fleet™ not only tracks when congregated workers are stationary, but also incidents of speeding, which may occur as drivers attempt to make up lost time!

The other side to congregating

There’s another side to the issue of congregating fleet workers, however, that could well be something you want to encourage.

In some fleets, evidence shows that having a supervisor at a worksite increases productivity significantly. Sometimes this is obviously because the employee is aware their boss is watching them, but it can also be for other reasons: improved morale, qualified guidance, and authoritative decision-making.

If your teams are more productive when their supervisor is with them, then a metric that you’ll be interested in (and something the Telogis Fleet Group Tracking feature measures) is how much time the supervisor is spending with the rest of the crew.

Safety can also be enhanced with a site supervisor on location, making sure proper precautions are taken and workers are observing the relevant safety procedures at all times.

Group Tracking can show you at a glance how often, how long, and where your fleet workers are congregating, either currently or over a historical period, such as the previous day or week. The color-coded data makes it easy to spot trends or patterns that may be hurting your fleet’s productivity, so you can address issues before they cost the business.

This tool provides fleet managers with the insight they need on exactly when and where fleet workers interact, so they can make sure idle socializing doesn’t harm company productivity.