With Roadcheck 2017’s focus on cargo securement, it’s a good time to not only refresh your knowledge on how to keep cargo secure in day-to-day operations, but how to protect it from thieves who are bent on stealing your client’s cargo. In this webinar hosted by HDT you will get insights from Keith Lewis, VP of operations for CargoNet and a 30-year veteran of the Georgia Bureau of Investigation, about how you can stop cargo thieves in their tracks—using a combination of old-fashioned common sense and leveraging the newest technologies available.

During the hour-long webinar you will learn about:

  • What to expect during Roadcheck 2017
  • What inspectors will likely be checking
  • Cargo theft statistics for 2016
  • Tactics that are trending among cargo thieves
  • The latest tools that thieves are using to steal your cargo
  • Prevention and recovery tools you can use to stop thieves in their tracks

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