Professional fleets, such as mobile technicians, traveling sales people and pharmaceutical consultants, have their own unique challenges when it comes to fleet management and MRM.

Unlike some fleets that are dedicated commercial vehicles, such as pick-ups, boom trucks or delivery vans, professional fleets are often made up of vehicles that are used privately, either as a benefit for the employee, or the vehicle is owned by the employee who receives a mileage allowance. This presents company owners with management challenges that can be time-consuming, risky, difficult to monitor and expensive.

How can managers successfully deal with the challenges of running a professional fleet, meeting key business goals without it taking too much time?

  • Keeping mobile workers safe during business hours
  • Ensure workers are operating efficiently, minimizing side trips and reducing windshield time
  • Accurately report personal vs. business mileage to prevent overpayments
  • Track and audit fuel card purchases to ensure it is only used with the designated vehicle
  • Block location reporting outside of business hours
  • Provide efficient routing, work orders and turn-by-turn navigation direct to a driver’s PND

Is there a solution that can help professional fleets meet all these objectives, and not create excessive demands on a manager’s time?

Smarter fleet management in less time

If you’re a manager you likely know that there are things you could be doing to improve the productivity or profitability of your team.

But you just don’t have the time.

Traditional management systems are often too rigid, too complicated or require managers to scan pages of complicated reports to identify hidden expenses, unsafe behavior or revenue opportunities. With no simple way to manage and monitor a mobile workforce of thousands, operating costs can balloon and risky business practices are left unchecked. That is until a major incident, accident or financial audit forces management to take a hard line, and launch an expensive and time-consuming internal investigation.

Fortunately, there’s a much more cost-effective solution that addresses small problems before they become a big problem. And it doesn’t require managers to stay glued to a screen all day or pore through pages of boring reports.

Telogis Fleet gives professional fleet managers a powerful tool that can be customized to suit the specific needs of their business, monitoring only those key performance indicators that matter.

For example, a manager may only want to be notified of excessive speeding, in which case an instant alert can be set to trigger if a driver exceeds the posted speed limit by a specified threshold for a certain length of time. In addition, exceptions can be tagged as normal, major or critical, allowing managers to determine the relative importance of alerts. Excessive mileage may not be as much of a concern as airbag deployment.

Fleet managers don’t have to wait for a report to act on urgent issues. A remote worker using a discreet panic button can send an alert direct to the acting manager’s mobile phone, allowing rapid response to the employee’s call for help. Late arrival notifications can be handled by dispatch, as they happen, to provide customers with proactive service, advising them of the driver’s new ETA or dispatching a different driver.

It’s also easier for fleet managers who are stretched for time to keep on top of vehicle maintenance, with instant alerts on missed maintenance or failed inspections, to help keep workers safe, and minimize liability claims for poorly maintained cars.

Telogis — A single, integrated web-based platform

In the search for the best software solution, a lot of businesses spend a significant amount of time evaluating, comparing and reviewing different programs, only to end up dealing with several different vendors to tackle one problem. Telogis simplifies the situation by providing professional fleets with a single, integrated web-based platform that covers all their fleet management needs, from high-level overview and trend analysis down to the day-to-day dispatch and ad hoc work order handling.

It runs on the powerful Telogis infrastructure – secure web servers that look after your data and provide you with convenient access wherever and whenever you need it. As a SaaS solution it greatly reduces IT costs for your business, offers rapid roll-out and avoids the need for backups or upgrade downtime.

And even though it offers a complete end-to-end solution for managing a professional fleet, it’s flexible enough to easily integrate with your back office enterprise systems such as HR or payroll, with the aid of API integration tools available from Telogis.

Whichever way you look at it, Telogis is the scalable, flexible solution professional fleets need to manage their mobile workforce — efficiently, effectively and without having to look over someone’s shoulder the whole day.