The following is the latest list of road closures and conditions for those areas of Texas and Oklahoma (by county) that are currently affected by excessive rain and flooding in the region.

All exceptions have been added to the Telogis Navigation application and to the Telogis platform in order to keep you and your teams out on the road safer and more well-informed.

Stay safe out there, and please use the Telogis Navigation feedback feature to weigh in on anything teams are encountering in real time.

Here are the latest updates as of 5:30pm Central Time on Wednesday, May 27:


Brazoria County:

SH0006:1.529 Miles East of FM0521 on SH0006, Description: Water over roadway.

Clay County:

FM1740:2.283 Miles West of FM0810 on FM1740 to 0 Feet North of FM0810 on FM1740 Description: Water over roadway.

FM2393:1.1 Miles West of FM1740 to 1.8 Miles East of FM1740 Description: Water over roadway

Comal County:

FM1863:2.943 Miles West of FM3009 on FM1863 Description: Low water crossings are flooding.

Coryell County:

SH0236: 1166.88 Feet South of PR0014 on SH0236 Description: The bridge is closed, use alternate route.

Frio County:

FM1581:73.92 Feet North of FM0117 on FM1581 to 0.773 Miles South of BI0035E on FM1581 Description: Low water crossings are flooding.

I-35 Frontage Road: 2.3 Miles South of BI0035D to 1.7 Miles South of FM1583 Description: Frontage road only, main lanes are open.

Garza County:

FM1313:2.541 Miles East of FM0212 on FM1313 to 2.66 Miles East of FM0212 on FM1313 Description: Water over roadway.

FM1313:3.475 Miles West of FM0399 on FM1313 to 3.326 Miles West of FM0399 on FM1313 Description: Water over roadway.

Galveston County:

SH0275:786.72 Feet North of FM0188 on SH0275 to 2.875 Miles East of FM0188 on SH0275 Description: Water over roadway.

Harris County:

FM2920: 1.623 Miles East of US0290 on FM2920 to 2.527 Miles East of US0290 on FM2920 Description: Water over roadway.

I-69 Frontage Road: 0.2 Miles South of SL0008 to 1.5 Miles North of No Name Rd, Description: Frontage road only, main lanes are open.

Hays County:

RM0150: 3.137 Miles South of RM1826 on RM0150 to 2.631 Miles North of RM3237 on RM0150, Description: Low water crossings are flooding.

Henderson County:

FM1667:2.278 Miles South of FM0764 on FM1667 to 3.057 Miles South of FM0764 on FM1667, Description: Water over roadway.

FM2636: 2.492 Miles East of FM3441 on FM2636 to 3.096 Miles East of FM3441 on FM2636, Description: Water over roadway.

Lamar County:

US0271:2534.4 Feet North of FM0197 on US0271 to 1320 Feet North of FM0197 on US0271, Description: Water over roadway.

Liberty County:

FM0563: 2.848 Miles South of US0090 on FM0563 to 2.933 Miles North of FM0770 on FM0563, Description: Water over roadway.

FM0834:311.52 Feet West of FM1011 on FM0834 to 2449.92 Feet West of SH0146 on FM0834, Description: Water over roadway.

FM2684: 322.08 Feet South of US0090 on FM2684 to 1.408 Miles South of FM3361 on FM2684, Description: Water over roadway.

FM3361: 0.616 Miles West of FM2684 on FM3361 to 47.52 Feet West of FM2684 on FM3361, Description: Low water crossings are flooding.

Llano County:

RM3404: 1.539 Miles West of RM1431 on RM3404 to 1.401 Miles West of RM1431 on RM3404, Description: Low water crossings are flooding.

Madison County:

FM0247:274.56 Feet South of FM1428 on FM0247 to 427.68 Feet South of FM2989 on FM0247, Description: Water over roadway.

Palo Pinto County:

FM0004: 286.9 Miles South of RM3137 to 280.8 Miles South of FM0129, Description: Water over roadway.

FM0129: 6 Miles East of FM0004 to 2.2 Miles East of US0281, Description: Water over roadway.

SH0016 Northbound and Southbound, Description: Water over roadway.

Lee County:

FM0141: 2.751 Miles North of FM1697 on FM0141, Description: Water over roadway.

Swisher County:

FM0146: 2.742 Miles West of FM2301 on FM0146 to 813.12 Feet West of FM2301 on FM0146, Description: Water over roadway.

Travis County:

RM1826:512.16 Feet South of US0290 on RM1826 to 0.702 Miles South of US0290 on RM1826, Description: Low water crossings are flooding.

Tyler County:

FM1745:2.373 Miles North of FM0256 on FM1745 to 2.11 Miles North of FM0256 on FM1745, Description: Low water crossings are flooding.

Washington County:

FM1155:1.8 Miles North of FM2193 to 3.3 Miles South of FM2193, Description: Water over roadway.

Wood County:

FM1804:21.12 Feet North of FM2422 on FM1804 to 21.12 Feet East of US0069 on FM1804, Description: Water over roadway.


Cherokee County:

SH-80 is closed approximately four miles west of Hulbert between SH-51 and US-62.

Choctaw County:

US-70 is closed at the Muddy Boggy River between Soper and Boswell.

SH-109 is closed from the US-271/SH-109 junction west 5 miles

SH-109 is closed three miles south of the US-70 junction and six miles east of US-271

US-271 is one lane in each direction just north of the Red River bridge, crews are flagging traffic

Cotton County:

SH-5B is closed at West Cache Creek, between US-70 and SH-5A

Grant County:

SH-11 is closed between US-81 in Medford and SH-132

Jefferson County:

SH-32 is closed near Ryan; traffic is detoured on US-81 or SH-89 to US-70.

Johnston County:

US-377/SH-99 is closed to through traffic just south of Tishomingo. Traffic is detoured on SH-1/SH-22 through Ravia and US-177/SH-199.

SH-22 is closed to through traffic between SH-78 and Nida

Kay County:

US-77 is closed to through traffic at the Salt Fork Bridge south of Tonkawa

Kingfisher County:

SH-33 is closed approximately three miles west of the SH-74F junction near Cashion

Kiowa County:

SH-54 is closed to through traffic just south of SH-9 near Gotebo. Traffic is detoured using SH-19 to US-183 to SH-55. This closure is expected to last into next week.

Latimer County:

SH-2 is open south Yanush, but some water is over the road and crews are flagging traffic

Leflore County:

US-270 is closed between Wister and Heavener and US-271 at Wister. Signs are in place and traffic will be detoured to Poteau and Heavener.

SH-1 is closed between US-271 and US-259

Marshall County:

SH-199 is closed at the Ft. Washita bridge approximately five miles west of SH-48

*** US-70 Roosevelt Bridge is currently OPEN over Texoma***

McClain County:

SH-133 is closed between SH-19 and SH-59. Traffic is detoured on US-177

McCurtain County:

SH-259A is closed in Beaver’s Bend State Park

SH-87 is closed from the Arkansas state line west to US-259

Okfuskee County:

SH-48 is closed south of I-40

Ottawa County:

SH-125 is closed at River View Park at the Neosho River near Miami

Pottawatomie County:

SH-102 is closed between SH-9 and SH-59B

Pushmataha County:

US-271 is closed south of Clayton

SH-3 is closed between Antlers and Rattan Landing

SH-43 is closed at Sardis Dam

Tulsa County:

SH-11 is closed just north of the SH-20 junction. Traffic detoured to use SH-20, US-75, US-60 and SH-123/SH-11 through Washington Co.

Low water crossings could be coverd by water and motorists — keep an eye out and expect delays.


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