There’s nothing like waiting with your child for the school bus in the morning and waiting for him or her to get home at the end of the day. The new app SafeStop aims to take some of the stress parents’ shoulders with vehicle tracking and live maps that help keep you up to date on where your children are.

Networkfleet and SafeStop Partnership Expands to More Schools

SafeStop is a mobile app designed to connect parents and school officials to the vehicles that transport their students each day. The app uses the data taken from the buses through the installed Verizon Telematics GPS systems and provides users with detailed tracking information.

The system was developed with the goal of fostering a greater sense of security for parents and educators. The system can work with any GPS unit, transportation, or routing provider to collect near-real time data, which can be accessed through the downloaded app. SafeStop can be used on any device connected to the Internet, including tablets, desktop computers, and smartphones.

Caregivers can register securely online through a school district’s parent portal and download the app through either the Apple App Store or Google Play. The program was introduced in fall 2014 to select school districts in New York, Florida, and South Carolina and continues to expand to schools and universities throughout the United States.

SafeStop Bus App Can Help Provide Parents Peace of Mind

SafeStop has the potential to connect parents and school officials to the vehicles transporting students, allowing not only for better communication but also peace of mind. “When you go to the bus stop in the morning or afternoon, you should not have to wonder where the bus is,” Patrick Gallagher, director of sales for SafeStop, said in a press release.

The vehicle tracking system supplies maps that display the locations of vehicles and estimated times of arrival. Quick and easy access to accurate data keeps parents in the loop on where the bus is and when it’s expected to arrive. With this technology, parents can breathe easy knowing their children are safely transported to and from school and will hopefully also have an easier time planning their mornings.

Integration with Alert Systems

SafeStop also has the ability to alert parents to school closures, delays, upcoming important dates and events, and more through its alert and messaging center. It acts as an extra line of communication complementing the school districts’ existing emergency alert systems. By keeping parents better informed, administrators can focus more on the safety of their students and the performance of their drivers.

GPS tracking not only helps parents stay informed of bus locations but also keeps tabs on driver behaviors such as speeding. Through remote fleet monitoring, Telogis has the ability to oversee the performance of drivers, leading to increased accountability and improved safety on the road. This non-invasive supervision of school bus drivers helps keep the roads and your community safe.

Those looking to learn more about Telogis can request a demo to see the potential benefits of vehicle GPS tracking. Additionally, you can visit SafeStop online to request the app in your community.