The age of the connected commercial vehicle is well upon us – implementing location intelligence solutions at the point of purchase provides extensive savings and benefits.

As a business adds new vehicles to its fleet, it is faced with a fairly simple question: activate a factory-fit telematics system or buy an aftermarket solution? Aftermarket suppliers can simplify the process with prep kits, but buying a solution that’s already built into the vehicle ensures that the system and all its hardware is included at the time of purchase, making it hassle-free.

Here are six additional benefits to factory-fit solutions:

1. True Integration

One of the greatest benefits of a factory-fit location intelligence solution is that it is fit for purpose. By implementing the hardware and technology into the design of the vehicle from the beginning, it will work in harmony with all of the vehicle’s systems, and provide the owner with vehicle diagnostics and performance metrics that can only be accessed through the manufacturer. OEM solutions will consistently provide a broader view of a vehicle’s operating systems. OEMs can also push out updates to the vehicle’s electronic control module (ECM) automatically over the air without ever pulling it out of service.

2. Removing Complexity and Downtime

With an OEM factory-fit solution, the vehicle is delivered and ready for the customer to use on day one. There is no waiting, no additional installation expenses and no downtime after the purchase to install an aftermarket system. Everything is built in.

3. Cost Savings at the Time of Purchase and Improved Resale Value

Aftermarket systems can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars up to $1,500 per vehicle. Buying a location intelligence system from the OEM at the time of purchase leverages the connected strategy of the OEM and takes cost out of the equation. By weaving it in to the initial purchase price of the vehicle and establishing it as a capital expense, there are benefits to the business in terms of net income reporting and asset depreciation (and how it’s reported/calculated at tax time).

A factory-fit OEM location intelligence solution also improves the vehicle’s resale value. It provides an excellent record of vehicle use and performance to give insight into its history. Most importantly, it can give the buyer an accurate snapshot into the maintenance and health of the vehicle.

4. Protecting the Warranty

When a factory-fit solution is subscribed to at the time of purchase, the hardware does not require installation and is included in the vehicle’s warranty.

5. Dealer Visibility

By sharing fleet visibility and maintenance schedules or trouble codes through the OEM solution, the dealer service department will have a greater understanding of the customers’ needs, and be able to proactively address and diagnose issues with the vehicle. This includes optimal scheduling of vehicle service and downtime so that it has a minimal effect on operating schedules.

6. Mixed Fleets? Not a Problem

What if a company already has existing hardware from another service, or that they have a mixed fleet? Would it be too difficult to integrate? Telogis’ built-in OEM solutions excel at taking information from all makes, all models and all brands, and integrating that information into a single view. No matter what you’re running,

The OEM Game Changer

OEM integration allows the customer to leverage OEM connectivity to their advantage and take their business to the next level. The goal of these systems is to allow customers to make the best data-driven decisions they can make – and to do so without having to worry about what hardware to use, what service to subscribe to and how much it’s going to cost. It takes the complexity out of the picture and lets the fleet owner do what they do best: run their business.