Shared response refers to those times when different organizations are required to work together for a common goal. It’s a frequent occurrence for utilities. When a storm hits and the lights go out, their emergency response plans swing into action, working alongside other companies, such as vegetation management teams, to restore power as quickly as possible.

Since utilities are actually measured on response and recovery times, there is a need to prepare an effective shared response plan and stage vehicles well ahead of time.

How does Telogis provide these mobile workforces with the tools they need to be fast, efficient, and safe when engaging in a shared response activity?

Emergency response — When there’s no time to lose!

A shared response event often requires mobile workforces to act quickly. It might be related to a natural disaster, severe weather or some other event that needs to be resolved as soon as possible to maintain law and order, resume normal life or prevent suffering and loss of life.

Disasters such as Hurricane Irene highlight the benefit of a well-organized and coordinated shared response. In the massive cleanup that followed that storm a Telogis customer mobilized thousands of mobile resources, tapping into the power of location intelligence to coordinate, communicate and bill its customers.

It’s imperative in the hours that follow an event coordinators that have easy access to vital information about the location and status of all mobile assets, and not just for their own fleet. In a storm cleanup, vegetation management contractors may need to coordinate with utility workers to make fallen or damaged power lines safe. Telogis provides shared response coordinators with a powerful viewer that can be used to monitor mutual aids and third-party assets, giving crews accurate estimated times of arrival.

The speed and efficiency of a web-based solution that uses satellite technology is a far cry from the traditional fleet mustering, where reliance on cellular phone or RT communication meant much longer response times and more man hours to organize crews.

The time savings are helping fleets mobilize faster than ever before, and every second counts in an emergency.

Viewing crew activity for other fleets — How?

The shared response tools provided by Telogis allow smart cooperation between separate companies involved on a single response. Web-based (SaaS) access can be given to a third party on an ‘as needed’ basis, with restrictions on what information can be seen (details such as speed of the vehicle can be hidden), what crews can be viewed, and how long access is granted (the duration of the project).

The flexibility and security of Telogis Share also provides third parties with confirmation of work performed. This can mean better cash flow for service providers, who can give customers an instant view into the job done and an easy way to verify the location of work crews.

Shared response has never been easier with advanced location intelligence from Telogis. If you work with other fleets or mobile workforces then you need to take advantage of the power of Telogis’ web-based viewer to not only manage and coordinate assets but offer your customers a level of service your competitors won’t be able to match!