In most cases your regular drivers know their customers. They know where customer facilities are located, what time they like their deliveries to be made, and the best entrance to access the loading zone.

But what about when the usual driver is on vacation, is sick, or is seconded to do a different job? How can you make sure a substitute driver provides your customers with the same high standard of service they’ve come to expect?

Telogis Navigation allows you to create route information for drivers, whether it’s their first day or they’ve been on the job for years. The solution includes features that help new drivers hit the ground running, and experienced ones to deliver even more impressive standards of service.

  • Detailed navigation customized for the vehicle — Turn-by-turn directions from the yard or last job to the client’s destination, taking into account traffic conditions, rules of the road, and truck attributes. This means optimized routes every time regardless of the destination or the vehicle.
  • Last mile routing — Last mile routing is a handy feature that offers precise directions to the actual pick-up or drop-off point — valuable information, especially when you’re new on the job or you’re navigating a large yard. It’s also valuable when a depot has very specific requirements for delivery drivers.
  • Job notes for individual customers — Substitute drivers probably won’t know where the keys to the forklift are, or that they need to reverse into a site because they won’t be able to back out on to a busy exit. That’s what customer notes can be used for. When the routes are exported for the driver, notes will be included for easy reference. Now there are no excuses for getting it wrong.
  • Driver performance — A new driver may take slightly longer than a seasoned pro, but because you have stored historical records on all your routes you can know with a high degree of certainty how long each job should take, the number of miles to be covered, and the amount of fuel used. With Telogis Response you have real-time tracking that pits actual data against what is expected or planned for a particular route. It can quickly alert you to issues that require your attention.

Telogis mobile applications like Compliance help relief drivers in other ways, too:

  • Safety checklists — Substitute drivers don’t have to worry about overlooking something important when they’re getting started on their shift. Pre-trip DVIR safety checklists, which are in line with FMCSA‘s requirements, ensure drivers are checking a vehicle’s vitals before departure, even if they’re only filling in.
  • HOS compliance — Most workers try to avoid paperwork, but it can seem even more torturous when you’re only there for a day or two. With Telogis Compliance, substitute drivers can rest easy knowing their HOS compliance is being automatically logged. Leave the log books behind!

Just because you’re using a fill-in driver, there’s no reason why your customers can’t enjoy the same level of service. All you need is the support of a great system and great tools. Telogis can help with both.

One final bonus is that when substitute drivers find out you have Telogis GPS fleet management tools that simplify their work, you might find that securing that fill-in driver suddenly becomes a whole lot easier!