Safety first is good for employees; and your bottom line

How’s my driving? It’s a question we’ve seen posted on the back of commercial vehicles for decades. While not entirely scientific, it provides companies with a way to receive feedback …
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Four reasons aggressive driving is bad for business – and what you can do about it

We often see advertising campaigns highlighting the dangers of distracted driving, speeding or driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs. But what about aggressive driving? It can be just …
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How to prevent your drivers damaging the company brand

Your workers spend a lot of time on the road. Every minute spent driving is a minute your company is being exposed to risk, liability, and public scrutiny. The larger …
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Driver Scorecards improve safety and reduce operational costs

If you collected baseball cards as a kid (or maybe still do), the most distinctive attribute of that baseball card after the picture on the front is the statistical data …
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Reduce Insurance Costs by using Insurance GPS Tracking

When you’re in business, there are two ways to make more money — increase revenue or reduce expenses. In a down economy or when new business is in short supply, …
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3 Ways Technology is Improving Fleet Safety

Technology, it seems, is a two-edged sword. A growing number of devices are adding to driver distraction and contributing to increasing accident rates. Drivers are juggling smartphones, GPS devices, …
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Do you know how good your drivers really are?

Do you know how good your drivers really are? Here are ten performance indicators you should watch!

We all know there are challenges with managing mobile workers but it’s …
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