customer service

Knowledge sharing to improve the user experience

Telogis’ rapid growth over the last five years is something we’re proud of and we’ve been lucky enough that it’s registered on the radars of some of the best industry …
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Telogis Fleet improving the tow truck experience

Ever since the tow truck was invented in 1916, the industry has grown significantly, servicing more and more breakdowns every year. With thousands of tow truck companies and drivers around …
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Customer Waiting – How much is it costing you?

You spend a lot of money on marketing, advertising and other ways to promote your brand, but could you be destroying it all by keeping your customers waiting?

Customer …
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Helping service firms meet their SLAs

The service industry covers a wide range of different businesses — from pest control to food & beverage deliveries — but one thing they have in common is that their …
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Provide Great Customer Service – Route Management Software

Providing great customer service is a good business decision, but it can have its drawbacks. Sure, your customers love the extra level of service you’re providing, but it comes at …
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Get to the Job Fast with Fleet Scheduling Dispatch Software

For fleet managers, planning and scheduling is sometimes easier said than done. When a client calls with an emergency job that requires special equipment, you’re expected to get the right …
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