distracted driving

Combat Distracted Driving with Fleet Tracking

Distracted driving is a growing problem that can have tragic results. Every day in the U.S., at least eight people are killed and more than 1,160 people are injured in …
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Avoid GPS Frustration Due to Problems with GPS Software

In this day and age there are all sorts of rages that you can find yourself being party to — road rage, airport rage, queue rage at the store or …
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Promote Commercial Vehicle Safety with Fleet Safety Software

With the introduction of the new FMCSA driver distraction laws that prohibit texting while driving, mobile operations managers are quickly finding ways to enforce compliance and avoid fines under the …
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DOT to get tough on distracted drivers

With roughly 15% of all road fatalities attributed to distracted driving, the DOT is getting tough on curbing driver distractions. What does this mean for fleet owners, will there be …
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