Can I edit ELD logs?

Yes, recorded ELD entries can be edited by the driver. They can also be edited by a supervisor (remotely using a web login) however these edits must be approved by …
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Will ELDs automatically report infringements to the DOT?

No. ELDs are only for recording driver status. Logs can be accessed by DOT officers (for a roadside inspection or compliance audit) however they do not alert authorities automatically.

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How will ELDs change DOT audits?

How will this change DOT audits?The exact ramifications of the new ELD mandate on DOT audits is not fully known but it is expected that despite the transition to paperless …
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Will our ELDs be compliant in Canada?

Canada is also moving toward compulsory ELDs to minimize fatigue-related accidents.

While the details are still being finalized, it is likely there will be provision made for border-crossing carriers …
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How do I stay compliant if my drivers use leased trucks?

Check with the leasing company; they may have the trucks already fitted with ELDs.

If not, contact us about portable ELD options. As long as the vehicle has an ECM …
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What sort of training will my drivers need to use ELDs?

Drivers will need guidance on how the ELDs work, what it means for them and the benefits of paperless logging. In some cases, you may need to discuss any concerns …
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How can I make sure I make the right decisions about complying with the new ELD regulations?

The first step is to make sure you understand the changes. There is a lot of talk in the industry about ELDs and not all of it is based on …
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How do I know if my current system is going to be compliant with the new ELD mandate?

ELD suppliers (such as Telogis) are working through the final specifications for the new devices. Telogis is working with hardware manufacturers to confirm that existing devices meet the new ELD …
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What changes will the ELD mandate bring?

Primarily, the ELD mandate will mean an end to paper HOS logbooks. The electronic system of recording driving hours is intended to streamline compliance checks, eliminate forms and manner errors …
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Who does the ELD mandate apply to?

The ELD mandate applies to all drivers currently required to record HOS (for their respective vehicle – over 10,000 lbs – and journey type – in excess of 100 mile …
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