The Rise of Green Fleet Industry – Green Fleet Management

‘Green fleet’ is a phrase that has been around for a while now but, like any change in thinking, it has taken time for this concept to be adopted by …
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How is your fleet reducing its impact on the environment?

Like any company initiative, going green is a team effort, and for your fleet to become a green fleet will take more than just switching your vehicles to biodiesel or …
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Green Fleet Means Green For Fleets – How?

A lot of companies would love to do more for the environment. Running large fleets of vehicles — cars, trucks, cranes, tractors and other machines they know they are a …
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What is a green fleet?

Businesses large and small are becoming more environmentally aware. They realize the public at large are looking to support organizations that are going green or have ‘go green’ policies. Fleet …
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Logistics Routing Software Simplifies Logistics

Well-known furniture supplier ASF operates in more than 19 states, with around 130 stores, and 650 delivery trucks. It all adds up to a busy network of drivers, depots, and …
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Exclusion zone compliance saves time, money, and the planet

To combat traffic congestion some cities around the world have implemented road space rationing. São Paulo in Brazil is a city that is well known for having some of the …
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How do I become a green fleet?

Green fleet — What is it and how do I “go green”?

So, you think it’s time your fleet changed colors and became “green”. But what exactly does it mean …
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Four reasons why a Green Fleet is important

Going green is good right? Reducing your dependence on finite fossil fuels, minimizing the impact of ongoing price hikes at the pump and limiting the emission of climate-changing gases? Why …
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How can you help your fleet reduce its carbon footprint

We hear the phrase “carbon neutral”, “carbon footprint” or “carbon emissions” used frequently when referring to a business’s environmental responsibility, or government legislation aimed at stemming the tide of global …
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