Insurance Discounts with Telematics – How can my fleet get them?
3 years ago

Insurance Discounts with Telematics – How can my fleet get them?

A 40% discount on your commercial vehicle insurance; if you’ve looked into the benefits of telematics this is possibly one that stood out to you.

However, you may be thinking …
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Insurance industry uses technology to make life easier

For most consumers, insurance cover is a relatively simple case of obtaining cover, paying the premium and, in the event of an accident, submitting a claim.

For insurance companies …
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Insurance and Location Intelligence: Partners in Safety and Performance

Commercial insurance companies work with telematics providers to help customers improve employee safety and performance, and reduce costs along the way.

In February of 2012, Travelers Insurance announced …
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Reduce Insurance Costs by using Insurance GPS Tracking

When you’re in business, there are two ways to make more money — increase revenue or reduce expenses. In a down economy or when new business is in short supply, …
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Commercial Fleet Vehicle Insurance Costs and Savings

How much do you know about the growing role of telematics in auto insurance? It isn’t new, but it is now going mainstream and is even the subject of national …
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Do you have an employee that never stops working?

When everyone finishes their day at work, there’s one employee who keeps going. And doesn’t get paid extra for it. Or complain about it either.

Telematics solutions such as …
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