The mobilization of fleet management – What does it mean for you?

Technology is enabling two seemingly contradictory trends at the same time — bringing workers closer together while facilitating remoteness and mobility. How can you make sure that you take advantage …
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Let your customers know where you are without telling them

Telogis Share is a real-time window on a fleet’s service trucks that can be configured to give customers transparency as well as reliable fleet activity information. It is particularly useful …
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Substitute drivers – Still delivering great service

In most cases your regular drivers know their customers. They know where customer facilities are located, what time they like their deliveries to be made, and the best entrance to …
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The secret to working with other fleets on shared response events

Shared response refers to those times when different organizations are required to work together for a common goal. It’s a frequent occurrence for utilities. When a storm hits and the …
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Professional fleet management to keep employees safe and productive

Professional fleets, such as mobile technicians, traveling sales people and pharmaceutical consultants, have their own unique challenges when it comes to fleet management and MRM.

Unlike some fleets that …
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One proven method to improve mobile workforce productivity

There’s a lot of research on the subject of worker productivity. You could spend a great deal of time sifting through lots of websites, research papers and whitepapers to learn …
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Increase Productivity with Fleet Management Solutions

What’s the secret to a productive fleet? Every fleet manager you ask would likely have a different answer — some secret sauce they use to squeeze every inch of productivity …
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