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Promoting green fleets with Ford Telematics

Sometimes small changes, multiplied hundreds or thousands of times over, can result in a big change; that’s what Telogis is hoping for with the increasing popularity of their fleet …
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How does telematics keep your assets secure?

Telematics solutions such as Ford Telematics™ powered by Telogis® are touted extensively as an operational solution: fuel savings, better allocation of resources, efficient routing, etc. One of the greatest benefits …
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Buying a truck? Get telematics included

If you’re considering buying a truck, five trucks or a hundred trucks to add to your fleet, you no doubt have a lot of questions to answer:

Adding fleet vehicles? Get GPS tracking telematics included.

In the past getting telematics for your fleet was often a complicated process. Aftermarket hardware installations, rewiring vehicles, downtime, registration of vehicles with your fleet management software, more downtime while …
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