Aside from the range of usual fleet management benefits gained when telematics is implemented, there are other significant benefits that employees are taking home with them. And fleet owners don’t have a problem with it.

This indirect benefit is helping make our roads safer. It’s helping ease the strain on family budgets. It’s reducing our dependence on oil and minimizing CO2 emissions. And it’s a worker benefit that comes from a solution that some employees have concerns about it.

Here are four ways a fleet management system can offer your drivers a ‘take home’ benefit that will save them money and help protect their families.

1. Safer driving at all times

Sometimes we don’t know what we don’t know until someone tells us, such as that little bit of breakfast clinging to our face or the untucked shirt at the back. A good friend would let us know (discreetly!) and we appreciate that.

Telogis Fleet records our driving at all times — an objective third-party that can let us know exactly how often we brake too sharply, swerve or speed. As our manager or supervisor relays this information to help us improve our driving on the job, we also take those good habits home with us. Of course, we may already be a safe driver in which case Telogis Fleet will vouch for our skills behind the wheel.

2. Spend less on motoring costs

Following on from the last benefit, our safer driving saves us more. Less speeding infringements, fender benders and discounts on your insurance premiums as you build up a safe driving history.

But it’s not just the safer driving that’s helping you take pressure off the family budget. The good driving habits gained from heeding the feedback from Telogis Fleet saves you in other ways.

  • Reduce excessive idling — Leaving the car idling can sometimes just be a habit that’s stuck with us over the years. Telogis Fleet alerts us to this on the job, making us more aware after-hours. Small changes can add up to big savings over time.
  • Vehicle maintenance — Telogis Fleet can notify maintenance supervisors about factors that affect fuel economy — low tire pressure or unexpected MPG. If we know about these things we can transfer that knowledge to our cars at home.
  • Drive gentler — Using feedback from your fleet management software you’ll know exactly how “gently” you’re driving. Some experts claim you can reduce your fuel use by up to 35% by driving in a gentler manner (and you’ll probably feel more relaxed too).

Taking on these tips will help you to drive more economically. You’ll be saving on gas both at work and home.

3. Efficient routing

Often we take a certain route because it’s what we’re familiar with. Telogis Route uses advanced route optimization technology to calculate the most efficient route between one or many stops, taking into account a range of factors such as number of intersections, speed limits, traffic congestion and historical performance.

You may not have access to the same technology at home but it may help you to be more aware of researching your journey before you set off. Take a few minutes to make sure you’re taking the most economical and efficient route — that’s a saving that will double every time you make the trip!

4. More family time

The efficiency gains from using Telogis location intelligence tools offer employees another benefit — more time with their families. By helping them find the most efficient route between jobs and minimizing out-of-route miles mobile workers can spend less time on the job and more time at home.

The best way to introduce fleet management to your staff

You may feel that some of your staff will have reservations about introducing location intelligence to your business despite the benefits. What is the best way to introduce it to the team?

The key is to stay honest and stay positive. And remember that some people will just have issues with change in general, regardless of exactly what that change is. But like all changes gradual acceptance is the norm and perseverance will win out in the end.

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