Telogis Share is a real-time window on a fleet’s service trucks that can be configured to give customers transparency as well as reliable fleet activity information. It is particularly useful for situations such as disasters or storm response, so that utilities can clearly see and track the locations of the different service providers who have been contracted to do work for them.

Telogis Share offers a faster and more efficient emergency response, and has been used by fleets to work together with their customers to get the job done, whether that means restoring electricity to thousands of stranded customers or ensuring the safety of residents threatened by a dangerous situation.

A Telogis Share user can invite several customers to view a single command center to help them coordinate their own joint response, or to simply provide peace of mind and reassurance where and when work is being done.

Telogis Share gives you complete control

Telogis Share is a useful window that you can give to your customer so they get a valuable insight into your fleet’s activity. While that’s a benefit to the customer, you might be nervous about just how much insight your customers have into your fleet activity.

Telogis has developed and thoroughly tested data options that give you flexible and secure control over what information your customers can and can’t see.

Give as much or as little access to your customers as you like. You can choose to hide specific XML data, such as current speed or vehicle details, even for those units they have been given access to.

You can choose to only allow them to view certain vehicles by creating a new fleet in your Telogis fleet management software, and then making only that fleet accessible to your customer.

For example, a tree maintenance company may be contracted by a utility company to remove trees from damaged transmission lines to help restore power. The tree maintenance company might assign certain vehicles to a special ‘storm response’ fleet, and then provide access to the utility company so that they can view that fleet’s activity in real-time. This not only provides transparency and reassurance to the utility company, but can also be used to coordinate the tree maintenance company’s own response, particularly in cases where their trucks need to be on-site at the same time.

Telogis Share is quick to switch on — and to switch off

Telogis Share offers a range of options to turn on access very quickly, and turn it off again just as fast.

But it does more than just provide a single on or off switch — it allows you to specify times when access is available.

For example, you may only want your customers to be able to follow the movement of certain fleet vehicles during work hours. By setting the hours of access and the relevant time zone, their access is restricted to traditional business hours.

In the storm response example mentioned above, once the work is done the tree maintenance company may simply delete access for the utility company or disable the account until it is needed again.

Telogis Share provides your customers with service confirmation

Your customers don’t just have the benefit of seeing vehicles assigned to their job in real-time, but can also be given access to view historical information as well. How can this benefit the customer?

Going back to our example of a storm response unit, the utility company may want to see confirmation that the tree maintenance trucks have serviced a specific site. By providing the utility company with the ability to view historical records, they could clearly see the GPS-tracked movements of an individual vehicle.

Not only does this give them peace of mind and an improved working relationship with the tree maintenance company, it also allows them to confirm what work has been completed, and when it happened.

Telogis Share reduces your support workload

When your customers expect your staff to fix a problem, make a delivery, or pickup a consignment, they are often keen to know how long they will have to wait. Their anxiety may be heightened when the situation is urgent. This can result in increased traffic to your dispatch center, with customers requesting information on where your vehicles are and their estimated time of arrival (ETA).

Aside from the extra stress this can put on your staff, customers may feel left in the dark and nervous about where your trucks are and when they will arrive.

You can fix both problems by using Telogis Share to give your customers a clear window where they can view vehicles assigned to their job in real-time, tracking their progress to their destination.

Telogis Share makes you stand out from the crowd

  • Impressive customer service — Customer service is all about considering your customer’s needs, what they want and how you can deliver it. Giving your customers real-time information about your vehicles’ activities provides them with peace of mind, and can improve their own response to an incident.
  • More trust — By providing your customers with direct access to view your vehicles in real-time, you are in effect saying your drivers are trustworthy and reliable. Your customers will be far more likely to trust you with future work, knowing you are a company that can be a reliable business partner — a vital aspect of any working relationship.
  • A unique selling point — In a competitive marketplace, a unique selling point (USP) is critical to standing out from the crowd. If your customers have to choose between you and a competitor that doesn’t offer real-time access to fleet activity, it’s more than likely they’ll choose you, particularly in an industry where a joint response is needed.

Telogis Share is improving fleet management right now

Telogis Share is already helping fleets provide an improved level of customer service and a more effective response to incidents, such as hurricanes or ice storms.

Recently, Asplundh used Telogis Share to help one of the largest electricity delivery companies in North America coordinate a joint response to restore power in Dallas, Kentucky and Louisville when those areas were affected by severe ice storms. Having real-time access to Asplundh vehicles made it much easier for their customer to coordinate their own vehicles and crew with maximum efficiency.

Hurricane season in the southern states such as Florida provides another example of how Telogis Share is helping utility companies and other service providers work together effectively and efficiently. The importance of visibility on fleet activity is even more vital as more companies are involved and the level of complexity increases.

To coordinate a response to something like a hurricane, utilities need a system that can make it easy to know who’s going where and when. Telogis Share makes this possible, eliminating redundancy and making sure crews are positioned where they are needed.

Telogis Share — make it part of your complete fleet management solution

Telogis Share is just one feature of the total Telogis solution. Customers that have used Telogis Share see the value in having a fleet management tool like Telogis Fleet. One utility company that used Telogis Share soon became a Telogis customer themselves and realized significant cost savings.

One of the major areas of cost savings for this company was in asset utilization. Telogis Fleet provides a full 360o view of your fleet, so fleet managers not only know what vehicles are being used and which aren’t, but also provides information on the attributes of each vehicle. This has saved fleets hundreds of thousands of dollars, helping them to know which vehicles are available, which vehicles are surplus to requirements, and which vehicles are the most economical to dispatch to a specific job.

Our trained sales staff can provide you with tailored information on how Telogis can be adapted to your fleet and how, like other Telogis users, you can look forward to a positive ROI within 120 days.