Most companies recognize they have a social responsibility. For fleets that involves minimizing carbon emissions.

The good news for fleet owners that have done their part is that reducing emissions has seen a corresponding reduction in fuel use. This profitable incentive is driving adoption of the green fleet trend across a broad range of industries.

Here are five ways for your fleet to cut back emissions (and save fuel!):

  1. Optimize your routes.
    Enable drivers to instantly reroute for changing conditions to eliminate every unnecessary mile. Provide turn-by-turn directions.
    Solution: Telogis Route
  2. Corral your vehicles.
    Eliminate off-hours use and side trips that waste your money and contribute to your carbon footprint. Know where your vehicles are and what they’re doing in real-time, 24/7.
    Solution: Telogis Fleet
  3. Complete regular maintenance.
    For maximum fuel efficiency, driver safety and asset lifecycles, have every vehicle alert you to upcoming service as well as unexpected developments.
    Solution: Telogis Fleet
  4. Enforce sensible driving.
    At highway speeds, aggressive driving can consume 33% more fuel while it endangers people and assets. Monitor real-time vehicle speeds, with automatic alerts when your parameters are violated.
    Solution: Telogis Coach
  5. Reduce unnecessary idling.
    Idling gets 0 MPG. Penalties vary by state. Drivers tend to discount its impact, but idling costs some companies millions. To reduce it, you need continual onboard engine stats – because you can’t manage what you’re not measuring.
    Solution: Telogis Fleet

If making a lot of changes is too difficult for your fleet, why not look for some quick wins? Focus on just one area, such as improving driver behavior, before moving on to the next point.

With your fleet operations connected across the Telogis platform you’ll be in a better position to see potential gains for cutting back emissions and meeting your sustainability goals.

The best part? Telogis business intelligence dashboards can help your team stay motivated as you clearly track progress across all your green fleet initiatives and that’s something your marketing team is likely to get excited about sharing with the world!