How many of your mobile assets are you managing using location-based software? None, a few, or the whole fleet? One thing is certain: it is becoming more common for new vehicles to offer options for remote management. For example, many manufacturers offer built-in telematics hardware (used for GPS tracking) including Ford, GM, Volvo Trucks, Mack, Hino and others.

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With telematics becoming more accessible for fleet owners, we are seeing a major shift towards using web-based applications that provide critical feedback on a fleet’s operation in real time. It’s allowing fleet managers, supervisors, safety managers, CEOs, logistics, and dispatch to make intelligent decisions based on actual data rather than ‘gut feel’.

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But if you’re only using telematics on part of your fleet, you’re missing out on the full benefit of what location-based software can do for your bottom line.

Partial fleet management means partial benefits

The interesting thing about benefiting from location-based software is that it scales exponentially as you roll it out across all your mobile resources. The savings you make on one vehicle in fuel, maintenance, and efficiency don’t increase in a standard linear style — they quickly stack up as the cost of implementing the solution remains static but your savings quickly add up.

What are some other benefits of deploying telematics to all your assets, including vehicles, remote workers, high-value assets, and other key parts of your business that may be remote, movable, and valuable?

  • Coordinate mobile teams more effectively — Telogis Fleet makes it easy to coordinate crews and dispatch to a jobsite, monitoring their progress along the way. If the team is made up of some vehicles without telematics, the team’s data will be inaccurate and decisions will take longer to make.
  • Identify assets no longer needed — With all assets tracked you’ll quickly identify disused vehicles or machinery no longer being utilized and which could be sold for capital gain, as well as saving unnecessary maintenance costs too.
  • Send the nearest vehicle to a new job — With all your vehicles on a single dashboard, you’ll be able to use the ‘Send nearest’ feature in Telogis telematics solutions with greater certainty, knowing that you are actually dispatching the closest vehicle.
  • More accurate comparisons — Gathering data about your whole fleet not only entitles you to discounts on insurance but is also a valuable metric to measure the cost advantages of different vehicles in your fleet. New vs. old, diesel vs. gas or hybrid vs. naturally aspirated — track where additional cost savings can be made.
  • Uniform staff policies — No employee likes to feel as if they’re being treated unfairly or differently from other staff. By deploying telematics fleetwide you are showing that you want all mobile workers to aim for the same measurable KPIs. If staff are having difficulty with embracing telematics, find out what you can do to help!

Knowing all your fleet data is kept in one central location, and accessible from anywhere with an internet connection will bring the full benefit of location-based intelligence to the decisions you make, and simplify your fleet management.

Is it time to retrofit your fleet with telematics?

There might be a range of reasons why a fleet hasn’t converted their entire asset collection to telematics. Perhaps they’re running a trial project to compare the value of implementing location-based software. Sometimes it’s just because they’re not aware of what’s involved or what’s possible.

For example, Ford Telematics™ powered by Telogis®, the factory-installed telematics solution, can be retrofitted to a lot of used Ford vehicles, not just new trucks. So if you’ve purchased new Fords fitted with Ford Telematics as part of your fleet, you can easily get your existing Ford vehicles retrofitted and track all your assets on the same dashboard. Visit the Ford Telematics powered by Telogis page to see what other features are available for your whole fleet.

If you think it’s time you expanded your fleet management to include all your mobile resources then get in touch with your local Telogis sales representative and discuss your options. With everything on one screen you’ll be enjoying the benefits of a complete fleet management solution.