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Ford and Telogis work together to bring customers a premium location-based platform that makes fleets safer, greener and more efficient. By partnering with Telogis, Ford is able to deliver the benefits of a branded Telematics solution to a wide range of commercial truck and fleet customers.

Telogis was the right choice for Ford because of their proven track record of success with current and potential Ford customers. Telogis has a long history of enhancing the safety, productivity and environmental impact of its customers' businesses.

Bill Frykman, Product Development Manager of Ford Connected Service Solutions

By working directly with vehicle manufacturers, Telogis is able to provide a more data-rich solution without the requirement for aftermarket installations. Data such as oil life % remaining is only available through this kind of collaboration. Additionally, customers can get the hardware factory installed while still maintaining a single view / application of all their assets, even if they operate multiple brands.

Telogis solutions cut costs and provide the most powerful platform to manage and improve fleet safety, efficiency and profitability. Telogis is the only provider with a single-platform Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) enterprise offering for routing, mobility and telematics. The platform delivers a broad range of vital fleet data, including visually enhanced real-time alerts and dashboards.

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