How open is our open platform?

Every day, you do business with a lot of different service providers and suppliers. It gets challenging when there’s nothing that connects them.

Our open platform, backed by an extensive range of exclusive partnerships, compatible hardware and data integration services, means our software offers a more seamless user experience.


Built-in solutions offer significant advantages over aftermarket. Richer data, better compatibility, less downtime and faster deployment - adding telematics to your fleet is as simple as activating your new vehicles and equipment online.

Technology partners

We work closely with our technology partners to develop integrated solutions that make your workday more productive.

Works with

Our open platform uses standard protocols, offering secure and easy integration with third-party solutions such as payroll, fuel cards, leasing programs and lots more.

Don't see your service provider here?

Let them know that integrating with Telogis is easy. Our software is built on open, web-based standards with enterprise-grade APIs that's flexible enough to work with just about any third-party technology.

We can help you get started