and public safety
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Safer driving means saving lives

Telogis safety features monitor both driver behavior and vehicle health, to minimize downtime and accident risk, while promoting better driving. Proactive coaching tools work directly with drivers in real time, while detailed reporting provides better insight and context for employee actions.

OEM for rapid deployment and richer data

Telogis is available as a built-in solution, such as Ford Telematics powered by Telogis Law Enforcement Edition. This means all the necessary hardware is already installed plus you get additional proprietary data not available with aftermarket solutions.

Mixed fleets aren't a problem. Other makes and models can be retrofitted so all your vehicles are visible on the same web-based dashboard.

Stay ahead of maintenance issues

Improve your Preventive Maintenance (PM) program with advance warning of vehicle issues before they become a problem, create an accident risk or leave workers stranded. Rich diagnostic data can also be used to improve the scheduling of routine maintenance with more accurate and up-to-date vehicle health reporting.

Multiple Layers. One Map.

Show custom GIS data, satellite imagery, public domain and commercial data as usable map layers without having to deploy dozens of servers or GIS browser plug-ins. Dynamic content feeds are supported including traffic, weather, and other spatially indexed information.

Power and security – with a friendly face

Telogis prides itself on a robust infrastructure of secure, cloud-based servers to support its fast mapping. Carrier-grade data centers are protected by 1024 bit public-key cryptography and use extensive biometric security, video surveillance monitoring, 24×7 security staff, pre-action fire-suppression systems and water leak detection sensors.

While robust and strong on the inside, Telogis solutions are user-friendly on the outside. Modern, responsive web-enabled tools that employees will enjoy using – and can start using right away.

“Telogis has the potential to do for officer safety what the ballistic vest has done.” Major Travis Yates, Co-Founder, Below 100, and Director, SafeTac Training

Telogis is supporting law enforcement agencies with solutions designed specifically to integrate with Ford police vehicles and protect front-line personnel.

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  • Improve asset utilization

    Know what assets you have, where they are and how effectively they're being used. Reassign assets or sell to release funds.

  • Optimize service routes

    Telogis' unique heuristic algorithms can quickly calculate the most efficient routes for your drivers and reduce average mileage by 10%.

  • Accurate, real-time ETAs

    Deliver amazing customer service with monitored ETAs in real time. Offer cost-effective ETAs and tight time windows – and stick to them.

  • Maintenance scheduling

    Track vehicle maintenance to easily generate alerts for your own service department or local dealer. Improve the accuracy of your PM program to reduce costs.

  • Work order management

    Use GPS location to navigate between jobs, prioritize work orders based on proximity or help dispatch and allocate resources efficiently.

  • Resource capacity planning

    Plan ahead to cope with seasonal demand, employee leave or one-off contracts. Balance available resources to meet fluctuations in business.

  • Time on site

    Measure actual time spent at a worksite. Improve the accuracy of job costing, productivity benchmarking and planning resource requirements.

  • Built-in OEM available

    Available fully integrated with selected manufacturers. Get richer data with no aftermarket installation needed. Simply activate online.

  • Safe driving features

    Telogis covers every aspect of driver safety from basic HOS compliance and vehicle maintenance to real-time coaching and speeding alerts.

  • ETA notifications

    Provide customers with accurate ETA notifications, updated in real time. Ideal for service appointments or managing delivery expectations.

  • Historical 'what happened here'

    Improve the speed and efficiency of internal investigations for damage claims or accidents, easily replaying the sequence of events.

  • GIS data custom map layers

    Show inter­active GIS data (such as power or sewer lines, land use grids or parcel data) as a map layer. Supports ESRI Shapefile, MapInfo MID/MIF, Autodesk DXF).

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