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No more compliance headaches

Don’t let regulatory compliance slow you down. Automate HOS, DVIR and IFTA to keep your operation legal, drivers safe and DOT happy.

Commercial trucking fleets are facing a growing amount of legislation they need to comply with. Hours of Service (including the new requirement for Electronic Logging Devices), DVIR, IFTA reports and size or load route restrictions – it’s a lot to keep up with so it makes sense to streamline and automate as much as possible.

“[Telogis] allows us to look at the [HOS] logs on a daily basis to ensure our drivers are meeting the [DOT] criteria.” Logistics Manager, Alliance Radiology


Using the Telogis platform and just about any mobile device your drivers can make easy work of DVIRs and HOS. They’ll get spoken turn-by-turn directions following truck legal routes and IFTA reports can be prepared using the GPS tracking data your fleet generates.

Lower fuel costs.

In a business where every percent of fuel saved is a big deal it makes sense to look at a solution that commonly saves trucking fleets an average of 15% on their annual fuel spend.

Monitor and manage driver behavior, including speeding or harsh braking, to encourage economical driving, minimize unnecessary idle, reduce out-of-route miles and provide accurate last-mile navigation. Fuel card integration for network discounts and fraud protection to guard against fuel theft. Fuel use can also be compared against expected mileage to pinpoint trucks that are performing poorly. It’s a quick and easy way to uncover potential fuel savings.

Arrive faster. But safer.

Don’t risk your cargo, truck or drivers with anything less than the most comprehensive and reliable turn-by-turn navigation. Used by more than 140,000 professional drivers.

Commercial drivers face challenges on the job every day. You can make their job less stressful by providing them with the very best navigation tools. Help them to get to their destination safer and more efficiently than ever before with route guidance that uses the most accurate map, weather, road and event data available. Supported by verified feedback from more than 140,000 commercial operators and government agencies.

Routes can be customized and yard details included for helpful directions right to the exact location to avoid accidents, improve the flow of traffic and on-time deliveries.

More on Navigation

  • Improve asset utilization

    Know what assets you have, where they are and how effectively they're being used. Reassign assets or sell to release funds.

  • Optimize service routes

    Telogis' unique heuristic algorithms can quickly calculate the most efficient routes for your drivers and reduce average mileage by 10%.

  • Accurate, real-time ETAs

    Deliver amazing customer service with monitored ETAs in real time. Offer cost-effective ETAs and tight time windows – and stick to them.

  • Maintenance scheduling

    Track vehicle maintenance to easily generate alerts for your own service department or local dealer. Improve the accuracy of your PM program to reduce costs.

  • Optimized truck-legal routes

    Commercial navigation that complies with truck route restrictions based on size, weight and load type. Route feedback from over 140,000 users.

  • Smartphone and tablet friendly

    Compatible with most popular smartphones and tablets to minimize hardware costs and improve usability for mobile workers.

  • Built-in OEM available

    Available fully integrated with selected manufacturers. Get richer data with no aftermarket installation needed. Simply activate online.

  • On-premise navigation

    Comply with customer delivery requirements with navigation right to the loading dock. Improve compliance, driver efficiency and customer satisfaction.

  • Safe driving features

    Telogis covers every aspect of driver safety from basic HOS compliance and vehicle maintenance to real-time coaching and speeding alerts.

  • Real-time alerts

    Choose the condition that triggers the alert (speeding, idling, harsh braking, engine on, geofence violation etc.) and who receives it.

  • Custom mobile forms

    Build your own digital forms (DVIR, work orders etc.) that can be completed using a mobile device and replace hard-copy paper forms.

7 Tips for Improving CSA Scores

Did you know your CSA score is available to the public? A better score can mean more business, fewer DOT audits and easier driver recruitment. This ebook discusses seven ways to improve your CSA score.

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Ready to go

Popular truck makers, including Volvo, Mack and Hino, factory-fit selected models with Telogis-compatible telematics hardware.

Telogis has exclusive partnerships to supply telematics software to some of the world’s largest truck makers. OEM telematics offers fleet buyers significant advantages including deeper insight into a vehicle’s performance with additional data points, tax advantages, hardware warranties and zero downtime. Activate the vehicle on the Telogis platform from day one for superior ROI on new trucks.

It just works

We’ve made it easier to benefit from telematics by removing the hardware obstacles other providers put in your way.

Some telematics providers require you to use specific hardware or mobile devices to use their fleet management software, resulting in extra costs, downtime and limitations. Telogis has an open platform that is hardware agnostic, offers lots of options and works with popular mobile devices like Android and iOS. It means it’s a lot quicker and easier for your fleet to start benefiting from the cost-saving benefits and improved safety of telematics.

Don’t be sorry. Be safe.

Meet your corporate responsibilities to manage, monitor and coach higher standards of operational care and safety. Protect your business, your drivers and other road users.

Safety is never a problem until something happens. But then it’s too late. Not taking action now means paying for it later. Make the investment today in improved safety systems including truck-specific navigation to minimize accident risk, driver coaching to encourage safer behavior behind the wheel and documented safety procedures using custom forms.