“Huge savings on our bottom line”

Atkinson Construction has been awarded nearly $50 billion worth of projects across a diverse range of sectors such as energy, industrial, mass transit, mining, tunneling and infrastructure work.

To maintain their high standard of safety Atkinson Construction turned to Telogis and in the process benefitted in more ways than just improvements to their safety program.

“Since we’ve switched over to Telogis we’ve seen a huge savings on the bottom line,” said Tim Karle, Equipment Superintendent at Atkinson Construction. “Idling has been reduced by 50%.”

“We can really budget and manage for the next year, what trucks we need to buy, when we need to buy them - it keeps us running our fleet to the maximum.”

“We’ve extended the life of our vehicles by at least an extra 50,000 miles (more than 30%), which means they’re more than paid for, and it’s just money in the bank.” Tim Karle, Equipment Superintendent


Making safety fun has had serious results

“[Telogis Coach] is a very good thing to have. It’s driven home to the guys that driving safe, driving correctly - it can be fun, it can be entertaining, it can be a competition too.”

“Telogis has helped our safety program tremendously … there has been a drastic reduction in accidents and driver mishaps.”

“Now when the guys get in the truck they’re thinking about wearing their seat belt, driving under the speed limit and they’re thinking about not getting a higher score on the scorecard. It has made our guys drive safer.”

One hundred percent stolen asset recovery

Theft is a major problem on some construction sites and while precautions are taken, the scale and remote locations of some sites makes loss prevention difficult.

Installing Telogis hasn't eliminated theft but it's meant the equipment hasn't strayed for long. Accurate location information on valuable assets has resulted in recovering 100% of stolen assets.