OnTrack Drives Profitability for businesses with their GPS Fleet tracking and productivity software

Costa Mesa, CA — April 16, 2007 Telogis joined a team of fleet management companies to underwrite the recently published Aberdeen study- Service on the Move: Driving Profitability via Fleet Management (to download a complimentary copy of the report, go to www.telogis.com). The recently published report reveals that service organizations who have successfully implemented fleet management solutions have realized a 28% improvement in operator compliance, 11% reduction in maintenance costs, and 13% improvement in vehicle utilization. As a result, they reported a 12% increase in overall service profitability.

Telogis clients themselves have similar findings with implementing OnTrack. Telogis clients report that OnTrack, an advanced GPS fleet productivity and management package, have seen a positive return on investment within 90 days of purchase. They note that beyond overall immediate cost reductions, OnTrack has also provided them with an additional two hours of improved driver productivity per day, all of which is information supported by Aberdeen.

Eight in ten service organizations recently surveyed by the AberdeenGroup, a Harte-Hanks Company (NYSE: HHS), stated that management of their fleets is integral to their overall operational and financial performance. As such, senior executives are looking to get increased visibility into and develop strategies to improve fleet-related productivity and cost metrics.

According to the report, other benefits of fleet management-related automation include:

  • 26% improvement in regulatory compliance
  • 23% increase in warranty recovery
  • 15% decrease in vehicle downtime
  • 15% reduction in average travel time 'windshield time' per job

OnTrack is the cost effective solution choice for businesses. Customers report: Reduced over-time and fleet operating costs, increased employee productivity and revenue, optimized safety and security and immediate return on investment. Telogis retains the majority of its customers and gains customers from competitors.

About Telogis

Telogis was established in 2000, with offices in Costa Mesa, Texas, and Christchurch, New Zealand. Telogis designs, manufactures, and sells GPS Fleet Tracking and Management Systems as well as designs and sells component software for GIS software applications (GeoBase: a GIS mapping platform tool). Telogis software services and products are used and distributed worldwide. Please visit www.telogis.com to download a free copy of the report.

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