RedPrairie and Telogis Announce Partnership

RedPrairie customers will gain robust map rendering capabilities for efficient transportation and fleet management

Milwaukee, WI – RedPrairie Corporation, a leading consumer driven optimization company, today announced its partnership with Telogis, a leading provider of location based services and software. RedPrairie will integrate the Telogis GeoBase software into its transportation and fleet applications. The embedded solution will provide RedPrairie customers on a global basis with more robust map rendering capabilities for more efficient routing and transportation management. The capabilities will streamline driving routes and decrease time and gas-wasting practices such as left-hand turns and traffic-clogged routes.

Telogis’ GeoBase geospatial platform is an enterprise software component that provides critical location functionality to enterprise software packages. In addition to the core functions of mapping, routing and geocoding, GeoBase provides unique methods that enable real-time routing and scheduling.

RedPrairie + GeoBase

“We are excited to announce the relationship with RedPrairie,” said Newth Morris, President of Telogis’ GeoBase Group. “RedPrairie’s sophisticated solutions will make a great showcase for the power and flexibility of the GeoBase platform.”

“The Telogis partnership is another step in our strategy to help our customers create more efficient routing and mapping strategies, helping them be more efficient and reduce the environmental impact of their supply chain. Together, we will help companies reduce distance traveled in their fleet, resulting in time and fuel savings and reduced CO2 emissions,” said Mike Mayoras, CEO for RedPrairie.

“Telogis is a leader in its field and is recognized as one of the fastest growing software companies in America. We are proud to offer our customers this powerful software that is so complementary to our transportation and fleet offerings. Our customers will benefit with improved productivity through more efficient management of their remote and mobile workers, assets and their goods and services,” said Gary Morgan, VP Technology Services for RedPrairie.

The 2008 release of RedPrairie Transportation Management and Fleet Management software will include the option for the Telogis software built in to the RedPrairie solutions.

About Telogis Inc.

Telogis is a Location Technology company delivering services and software through two product lines – OnTrack and GeoBase. OnTrack is a GPS Fleet Tracking Productivity and Fleet Management System. GeoBase is a scalable, feature rich, easy-to-use mapping engine that delivers geospatial functionality in a software application. Telogis was established in 2001, and has offices in California, Texas, and New Zealand. Telogis software services and products are used and distributed worldwide. To learn more about Telogis and to download a free copy of the Aberdeen report- “Service on the Move: Driving Profitability via Fleet Management,” visit our website at or call direct at (949) 646-6637.

About RedPrairie Corporation

RedPrairie is a world leading consumer driven optimization company. Built on an advanced Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) developed over the past 15 years, the RedPrairie integrated suite of solutions offers on-demand capabilities to over 32,000 sites worldwide for many of the world’s largest companies.