Telogis Announces OnTrack 6, Delivering the Latest in SaaS GPS Fleet Management Software

Telogis Announces OnTrack 6, Delivering the Latest in SaaS GPS Fleet Management Software

Irvine, CA March 31, 2008 — Telogis today announced the release of OnTrack 6, the most reliable and easy to use Software as a Service (SaaS) GPS Tracking Application on the market. Telogis’ real-time GPS Fleet Tracking solution drives rapid return on investment for businesses of all sizes through improvement of productivity and enhancement of their operations. New features in this release include a Web 2.0 aesthetic makeover, advanced PDF and Excel reporting, updated GeoStream maps, and the integration of Live Messaging.

Telogis continuously improves OnTrack by delivering annual major releases to its customer base. “Software as a Service is ideally suited to the GPS Tracking marketplace, as it gives users improved functionality automatically. This release is further testament of our ability to innovate faster than our competition and deliver the industry’s most robust solution,” said Derek Jett, VP of Sales for Telogis. “This major release, our sixth generation of OnTrack, builds upon our experience and the vast feedback we receive from our rapidly growing customer base.”

Highlights of the OnTrack 6 release include: * Web 2.0 Makeover — Creating a fluid, easy to use GUI is core to building user adoption. OnTrack delivers an interface that is so intuitive that very basic computer users can effectively use the system in minutes. * Advanced PDF and Excel reporting — The OnTrack suite of 50+ reports has increased and been refined to improve readability. The added insight provided by these reports allows users to rapidly assess the state of their fleet and act upon that information. * Updated GeoStream Maps — Telogis provides the most up-to-date and fastest map data in the industry through its world class technology platform. This performance allows our customers to rapidly drill down into any level of their fleet and respond to both their customer's and driver's needs. * Live Messaging — Our customers requested more effective communication with their fleet. Telogis delivered on this through the addition of Live Messaging through OnTrack Workforce. OnTrack Workforce allows users to instantly stay in contact with the fleet, allows drivers to easily communicate with base and can lead to an overall reduction in cellular voice usage.

Telogis OnTrack is available in three different editions- Standard, Professional and Enterprise. Visit for more information about OnTrack or call 1-866-835-6447 to speak with an account manager.

About Telogis

Telogis is a Location Technology company delivering software and services through two product lines- OnTrack and GeoBase. OnTrack is a SaaS GPS Fleet Tracking Productivity Tool and Fleet Management System. GeoBase is a scalable, feature rich, easy-to-use engine that delivers core geospatial functionality in a software application. Telogis software services and products are used and distributed worldwide. To learn more about GeoBase please visit