Telogis Launches New Field Management Co-Location Report For Telogis Fleet

Feature designed to encourage supervisors and foremen to spend more time on site, improving accountability, productivity and safety.

Aliso Viejo, CA, August 9, 2010Telogis, Inc., the platform for location intelligence, introduces the newest feature for its Telogis Fleet vehicle management application: the Field Management Co-Location Report. This new report breaks down the habits of field supervisors, including time spent at a jobsite, time spent driving, vehicle miles and time spent at other locations.

“Jobsite productivity and safety improve exponentially when a foreman or supervisor is on site,” says Jason Koch, president, Telogis Fleet. “This feature is designed to encourage more time spent on site, raise the accountability of field management, and improve productivity and safety. It was designed specifically for our utility enterprise customers but is useful in any industry where one foreman or supervisor oversees numerous mobile resources.”

The Field Management Co-Location Report uses GPS to determine when a foreman/supervisor's truck is located on a jobsite or other location related to the job, such as a maintenance shop or depot. The report compares when a vehicle is specifically “co-located” at a jobsite with other field resources to determine how much time is spent on site. A concise, easy-to-read report is compiled over customizable time periods that shows each supervisor's habits, allowing management to make decisions about how field resources are deployed and supervised.

Telogis Fleet is a real-time GPS fleet management solution that drives rapid return on investment for businesses of all sizes through improvement of productivity and operations. The application provides fleet managers and field resources with a comprehensive, scalable solution for fleet management, tracking and reporting. Industries served include utilities, telecommunications, OEM, construction, delivery, fleet leasing, food/beverage, pest control and waste management.

About Telogis

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