Telogis Publishes Pre-Release of AJAX & .NET Versions of GeoStream Framework for GeoBase Platform

Costa Mesa, CA October 15, 2006 — Telogis, a leading provider of LBS systems and components, today published a public technology preview version of its new GeoStream framework for GeoBase. GeoBase is a geospatial platform for adding geospatial functionality such as mapping, routing, address lookup and other functions to applications. GeoStream is a set of technologies that delivers GeoBase functionally over the internet.

GeoStream consists of an integrated server with either a java-script or .Net client. The Java Version will follow soon and has already been used in a mobile application on a blackberry. Using emerging technologies like AJAX and JSON remoting, GeoStream provides performance equal to or better than a thick-client solution delivered over the web to a number of different development environments, languages and targets.

GeoStream .NET uses the same API as the core GeoBase library. This allows companies to develop from a single code base and deploy the map data and GeoBase engine either remotely or locally depending on the customer's requirements.

GeoBase JS is a JavaScript framework that contains all of the function calls of the core GeoBase engine. Developers can access the full spectrum of GeoBase functionality, in a browser environment — creating AJAX-based web 2.0 applications.

“GeoStream drastically expands what a geospatial platform is and how developers can use it,” said Ralph Mason, Telogis CTO. “GeoStream unifies development by supporting all environments from .NET, java, web 2.0 and AJAX.”

Telogis has started shipping GeoStream to existing customers. General release will begin later in the month.

Contact: A. Newth Morris, Telogis OEM & Enterprise Solutions Group