Telogis Releases Chameleon Map Render Tools for GeoBase LBS Spatial Platform

March 27, 2006 — Telogis, a leading provider of LBS systems and components, today announced the release of Chameleon Map Render Language and Chameleon Interactive Development Environment (IDE) to augment its GeoBase spatial engine.

Chameleon is a render language that allows software companies to tailor the appearance and performance of applications using GeoBase spatial engine. Chameleon can vary map styles by region and supports connecting to external and dynamic data such as weather and traffic.

Handset and portable devices use small screens with low resolutions; ASP applications require large maps with a high degree of detail; client applications require a trade off of detail and speed. Chameleon allows you to do both by optimizing the appearance and performance to match your application.

Chameleon Workbench is an easy-to-use Interactive development environment that shows map changes in real-time. It includes intellisense, auto-complete and a profile engine to assess speed vs. performance. Chameleon Workbench can be used by non-technical persons to tailor map appearance to the corporate image and brand recognition.