Telogis Releases Version 2.5 of GeoBase LBS Spatial Platform

Costa Mesa, CA May 9, 2006 — Telogis, a leading provider of LBS systems and components, today announced the release of version 2.5 of its GeoBase Spatial Platform.

The following outlines just a few of the new features and tools that can be found in the GeoBase 2.5 new release:

Chameleon is a user-friendly software tool and programming language that allows companies to tailor map appearance. Developers can make the maps match their corporate image or format for low-resolution platforms such as PDA's and handsets.

GeoBase's data import tool compiles third-party spatial data down to the GeoBase File Format, allowing software systems to interact with the expanded data without taking a performance hit. Companies can add enhanced features such as land-use overlays; add street coverage in new developments or expand geographic coverage into emerging markets.

The GeoBase Advanced Routing Tools can give you more control over the routing algorithms. This new feature gives you the ability to implement your own strategy such as avoiding certain roads. Also, GeoBase 2.5 contains a routing matrix function which returns travel time and distance for a number of stops. GeoBase performs these functions extremely fast and allows you to factor the times and distances into your business logic.

“2.5 is the most significant update yet to the GeoBase Platform,” said Newth Morris, President of the Telogis OEM & Enterprise Solutions Group. “This release includes a suite of support tools that allow our customers to provide more value to the marketplace over greater geographic regions. In most cases, this will translate directly to greater revenues for users of the GeoBase LBS Platform.”

Telogis expanded the GeoBase 2.5 platform support with a JavaScript SDK for a tile server, COM support and native .NET. GeoBase 2.5 has also greatly expanded geographic coverage into Western Europe, the Middle East and Mexico.

A. Newth Morris
President, OEM & Enterprise Solutions Group Telogis
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t 866-835-6447