Telogis ELD. The painless way to go paperless.

Proven solutions. Perfectly simple.

Seamless move from paper HOS logbooks to Electronic Logging Devices.

Easy to set up

Telogis ELD conforms to your schedule, making every aspect of your conversion – from installation to training – as smooth as possible.

Easy to use

Whether you’re a driver, inspector or fleet manager, our software becomes second nature, allowing you to concentrate on the job in front of you.

Stay up-to-date

We make it easier to stay current with compliance rules, regulations and exceptions by delivering automatic updates right to your fleet devices.


More features. Less paper.

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  • Maintenance alerts

    Colored indicators will keep you informed of malfunctions or diagnostic issues.

  • One-touch logging system

    Easy-to-use, one-touch functions allow your drivers to log their on- and off-duty, driving and sleeper-berth hours.

  • Inspector mode

    Simplified, read-only interface allows inspectors to quickly access reports and get your drivers back on the road.

  • Compliance alerts

    Drivers and back office alerts keep everyone informed before violations occur.

  • State-mileage reporting

    Automatic state-mileage reporting to support your IFTA and IRP process.

  • Integrated DVIR

    Customizable Driver Vehicle Inspection Reporting that help reduce roadside inspection risks and vehicle maintenance costs.

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