Strategic Playbook to Implementing Electronic Logs (ELD)

This ebook will guide you through the main stages and considerations of the ELD selection and deployment process. Consider the seven key factors involved in choosing an ELD provider including usability and data storage, as well as portability and solutions beyond simple electronic logging.

In this free ELD guide you'll get answers to questions like:

  • ✔ What exactly do you need to be compliant?
  • ✔ What should you look for in an ELD provider?
  • ✔ How long does it take to get an ELD solution up and running?
  • ✔ What steps are involved in rolling out an ELD solution?

It was developed in collaboration with Annette Sandberg, truck safety consultant, compliance expert and former FMCSA administrator, and offers suggestions and best practices to ensure you don’t overlook any important factors in choosing the best ELD solution for your business.