More than GPS Fleet Tracking

GPS fleet tracking is growing in popularity as fleet owners realize the benefits of tracking vehicles and equipment. Using a small GPS tracking device (sometimes referred to as a 'black box') fitted to their vehicles or equipment, fleet owners can track the real-time location and status of their assets as well as key safety metrics such as driver behavior.

Telogis Fleet is a powerful GPS fleet tracking web-based software application that lets you see where all your assets are, any time of the day. The GPS device can broadcast a wealth of information about the tracked asset including location, speed, engine performance or how drivers are behaving behind the wheel.

Information, collected by the GPS receiver fitted to the tracked asset, is sent to the GPS fleet tracking software every two minutes on average, allowing fleet managers to monitor and manage their remote assets. It can be used to detect unsafe driving, out-of-route trips, unnecessary idling or unauthorized use. Fleet managers also use it to schedule required maintenance, assign new jobs, optimize routing or improve how their assets are utilized.

Telogis Fleet - More than GPS fleet tracking

Standard GPS fleet tracking software solutions are commonplace today, but fleet owners should consider the benefits of using a comprehensive fleet management solution such as the one from Telogis.

  • Connected intelligence - Telogis everything you need, bringing all your fleet software together on one screen, one account - fleet tracking, route planning, driver management and safety training, compliance, navigation, trend analysis and back-end API integration to enterprise solutions such as SAP.
  • InSight Alerts™ - Telogis' unique, powerful and highly-configurable exception and alerting engine can be set up to generate alerts when specific conditions are met. Do you require drivers to slow down when it’s raining? Set up an alert when a vehicle's wipers are active and speed is clocked at 95% or more than the posted limit.
  • OEM telematics - Telogis has exclusive partnerships with many of the world's largest car, truck and equipment manufacturers. Purchase new assets with the necessary GPS tracking hardware already built in, saving the expense and downtime involved with aftermarket installations. Learn more about the benefits of OEM telematics.
  • Most innovative - Telogis has been judged as the most innovative telematics company in the world two years running.* Innovation means you get a solution that is highly advanced with features you don't get in other basic GPS tracking solutions. Modern, flexible web-based software that is incredibly fast and reliable with all the tools you need to automate your whole fleet operations.

If you want more than just GPS fleet tracking, contact the Telogis sales team today and ask to see what Telogis can do for you.

*ABI Research, 2014