Custom GIS data overlays

Many organizations have made large investments in specialized or proprietary data that is managed in Geographic Information Systems (GIS) or Computer-aided design (CAD) systems.

This data is critical to operations, but many have found that the software tools best suited for the creation and maintenance of this data are not very effective for dissemination and consumption by most classes of end-user. Telogis has leveraged its expertise with GIS, CAD, and spatial data to enable the use of these data sets natively within Telogis solutions using a new product called Telogis Layers.

Import your custom data files

  • Telogis Layers supports point, line or polygon data from your GIS
  • 100% compatibility with industry standard spatial data formats
  • Fast and easy import process can be automated to keep your maps fresh

Adding GIS overlays makes Telogis maps more effective by exposing your custom business data to users within their familiar workflows. Having relevant data at their fingertips enables workers to make better decisions more quickly. Telogis Fleet users can now leverage Telogis Layers to view and query imported features or use them to create markers, find nearest workers or add features as route stops using the overlaid GIS data. This functionality is crucial to technicians, especially in emergency, storm, and incident response, where location of critical infrastructure may be off the road network or otherwise difficult to find.

Why choose Telogis Layers?

Bringing relevant geospatial asset data such as power lines, sewer lines, land use grids, and parcel data is a key ingredient to making Telogis maps and reports incredibly useful to fleet managers and field workers. Easy to use tools enable wizard-driven import of GIS data, indexing columns, and defining the drawing style (symbolization) including thematic mapping. After the import, your data is available in Telogis Fleet as layers that can be toggled on and off, searched, and used in reporting and other functions. Imported GIS data can also be used in Telogis Mobile, Telogis Route and Telogis GeoBase.

For more information, contact our data experts today.

Features of Telogis Layers

  • Wizard-based Import

    Easy-to-use wizard to import GIS data, indexing columns and drawing style (symbolization) including thematic mapping.

  • GUI-based Style Editor

    User-friendly style editor to manage the style, color and display of your custom map layer information.

  • Cloud Storage

    Uploaded data layers are automatically stored and backed up to our fast and secure cloud servers.

  • Use across Telogis Solutions

    Use your custom map layers in a range of Telogis solutions such as routing or navigation.

  • Search and Display Custom Data

    Telogis Layers enables the search and display of custom data sets within the Telogis suite of products

  • Route to Relevant Points of Interest

    Such as: power poles, oil wells, gas and water lines, land use grids, forestry, parcel data and more