Being well connected has never been so important.

Telogis Fleet 11 delivers the next generation of fleet management through connected location intelligence.

Connected location intelligence fuels productivity gains for mobile workers, customers, and partners.

  • Enhanced Telogis Live 2.0, the industry’s first solution that connects external users and Telogis customers all on the same screen
  • Mobile enhancements connect your mobile resources in the field
  • Optimized maps to easily visualize your connected resources
  • Integration with new workflows, scripted alerts and APIs to connect data to teams in the field
  • New OEM engine data and services for more asset and vehicle intelligence
New design includes a Favorites tab to bookmark frequently accessed modules

Driver behavior is the key to safety, fuel, and compliance improvements.

Powerful driver behavior updates include:

  • Customizable driver behavior scorecards, dashboards and Telogis Coach, the industry’s first driver feedback mobile application for Android or iOS
  • Confidence-backed speeding with posted speed limit editor
  • Fuel management integration, reports and dashboards
  • Hours of service (HOS) reports and alerts to manage driver compliance
  • Vehicle inspection reports (DVIR) and alerts to ensure compliance
Telogis Coach, the industry's first driver feedback mobile app

Actionable analytics drive business transformation with enhanced alerts, dashboards and reports.

  • Enterprise KPI Scorecard v2.0 for global organizational analytics and analysis
  • Prebuilt dashboards for fuel, driver behavior, operations to connect teams
  • Visual analytic tools with graphs and charts to spot visual trends early
  • Compound scripted alerts support for jobs, vehicles, forms and drivers
  • Faster and easier to use reports, UI changes, resource filtering and more output formats
Visualize fleet trends and driver behavior to identify efficiency and safety gains

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If you're an existing customer and want to learn more about these changes, please contact the support team.