Rich set of data tools

Telogis GeoBase offers a rich API for developing applications that serve the needs of your end users. It also ships with some powerful support tools that help make design, deployment and management of your solutions a breeze.


Chameleon allows you to customize and control your map style so that presentation of your spatial data is tailored for the intended audience and optimized for the target platform. All applications are unique: Client applications need fast panning and zooming; ASPs often want rich, detailed maps; handheld navigation requires low-resolution or monochrome formats. Chameleon is a powerful and intuitive tool that allows developers to accommodate all of these and more.

Key features include:

  • An easy to use workbench for defining and altering map styles.
  • The ability to define display parameters that can be used to programmatically control display like turning on off selected layers.
  • A scripting language that offers atomic level control of the map symbology and behavior as well as the ability to easily and quickly reuse map styles in whole or in part.
  • A profiler for automatically identifying performance bottlenecks in your map styles.

Data Import Tools

Alchemy is system for importing map data for use natively in Telogis GeoBase. Alchemy consists of a data compiler and a scripting language that is used to quickly and easily define how to add custom data to the GeoBase File System (GBFS) format. There are two flavors of Alchemy:

Alchemy Layers allows you to import custom spatial data or augment the underlying street data set. Custom layers such as power lines, building outlines, etc., can then be rendered on a map and referred to in spatial queries. This data is stored in GBFS, allowing maps, spatial queries and other functions on customer data to yield the same performance as the base street data.

Alchemy Streets provides you the ability to import 3rd party street data into Telogis GeoBase for core functions such as routing and geocoding. This allows you to deploy emerging markets and other street data sets into your application while retaining the power of the full Telogis GeoBase API.

Babel – Learning Geocoder

Telogis’ patent pending technology, Babel puts the power to create and refine single line geocoders in your hands. By using real-world address data, Babel provides a means for defining and testing address parsing rules in an iterative fashion. The result is a finely tuned address parsing schema that is customized to your needs, your region, and your data.