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Automate HOS & DVIR DOT compliance

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HOS compliance is complicated. Our solutions aren’t.

Simplify your struggle to maintain HOS compliance. With the FMCSA regularly revising HOS rules, including the upcoming ELD Mandate, it’s more important than ever to use a solution that minimizes human error and eliminates the stress of completing a daily HOS log.

The ELD Mandate will require that all drivers who currently maintain paper HOS logbooks transition to certified Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). Existing Telogis devices (also referred to as AOBRDs) will be legal until 2019. Learn more about our ELD solution.

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Zero errors

Eliminate Form & Manner and driving time violations

Logging icon
Electronic logging

Maintain 395.15-compliant electronic logs (AOBRD/ELD)

Violations icon
Avoid violations

Stay legal with automatic HOS-limit warnings

Current icon
Stay current

Comply with the latest HOS rules and exceptions

Updates icon
Automatic status

Save time with duty and driver statuses that update automatically

Reporting icon
Back office reporting

HOS reports available from Telogis Fleet

How's your mobile deployment going?

Rolling out a comprehensive fulfillment solution for your mobile workforce can seem overwhelming. Tablets or smartphones? Accessories? Data security? Driver safety? Apps? Wireless connectivity? Updates? So many questions, so many options and so many different providers.

Let us make the whole process easy, seamless and straightforward. Learn more about our total mobile workforce fulfillment solution.

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Making sure DVIRs get done

Telogis automates and simplifies the DVIR process for drivers. They can sign off on a full inspection, include detailed photos and synchronize instantly with a central database all from a mobile phone or tablet.

It's also smart enough to make sure drivers are taking the time to do a thorough inspection. Using smart detection technology, it determines drivers have physically inspected the vehicle taking sufficient time based on the complexity of the checks that need to be made. This device-based solution avoids the problems associated with inspection point systems that rely on stickers exposed to the weather or harsh driving conditions.

Telogis DVIR software can improve fleet safety, maintenance turnaround, vehicle life and your CSA compliance score. And, with observable defects triggering over 60% of roadside checks, you'll also save time with fewer DOT inspections.

DVIR compliance forms can be signed, stored and customized to include additional maintenance information for specific assets. Completed forms are securely stored to meet FMCSA data requirements.

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Why your drivers will love it

You may be concerned that some drivers might be edgy about installing this kind of software on their truck and you knowing where they are. The reality is that Telogis solutions actually help drivers, not just the company.

No pressure

Electronic logs also can protect drivers against harassment or coercion into driving illegally when out of hours.

Maximized earnings

Minute-by-minute HOS logging (paper logbooks are in 15-minute increments), which means more drive minutes and maximum earning.

Paperless DVIR

Electronic DVIRs can now be completed using a mobile device, which makes inspections faster and better reported.

Better driver scores

Zero form and manner errors on HOS logs not only minimize liability, they also mean a better CSA score.

Improved work/life balance

Better trip planning increases productivity and driver compensation and the frequency of getting home on time.

Do not disturb

No more ‘middle of the night’ calls from dispatch for location or hours update or road-check calls to verify location and availability.

And it’s all with mobile phones and tablets you already use:

  • Android (4.0 or later)
  • iOS (8 or later)

More features. More flexibility.

  • Works offline

    Completed DVIR form data entered offline is automatically synchronized as soon as the device connects to the Internet.

  • Data security

    Driver IDs, logins and restricted access means customer data is secure, safely backed up in carrier-grade data centers with full reporting options.

  • Electronic signature

    HOS and DVIR reports can be electronically signed using their touch-screen device and stored securely for audit purposes.

  • Real-time filing

    DVIR or HOS forms are filed instantly and electronically, eliminating paperwork and improving accuracy.

  • Flexible forms

    DVIR forms can be customized to meet the specific needs of any equipment or vehicles being inspected to improve usability.

  • Location aware

    GPS hardware collects location data as well as movement to automate change of status for accurate HOS reporting.

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