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You know you need a mobile solution but it feels like you have to climb a mountain to get there. Fortunately, we can help smooth the way and equip your workforce with the right digital tools they need to get the job done.

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Three steps to success

We’ll help you avoid common pitfalls, fast-track setup and streamline deployment so you can start benefiting from a fully mobile solution a lot sooner.

1 Choose Apps
  • Compliance HOS, ELD, DVIR
  • Productivity Work Order Management, Status, Forms
  • Navigation
  • Driver management Spotlight, Coach
2 Choose Hardware
  • Device Smartphone or tablet?
  • Accessories Skins, mounts, casings and chargers
  • Data What network and data plan do you need?
3 Secure, Deploy, Manage
  • Security Use Mobile Device Management (MDM) software to secure your company data and devices
  • Deploy Helping your mobile workers to transition to the new hardware and mobile apps

Choose your apps

The heart of your mobility solution is the software applications (or apps) you need to help you get business done. Telogis offers a range of app bundles suited to the needs of the mobile worker – from compliance solutions through to navigation and work order management.

Compliance. Staying compliant with federal laws related to driving hours, electronic logging (ELD) and vehicle inspections
 is easier with handheld digital solutions to automate
the process.
Productivity. Help keep mobile workers productive by reducing the paperwork requirements, automating dispatch workflows and supporting a more efficient flow of job data.
Navigation. Help drivers to stay safe by providing detailed turn-by-turn directions specifically for commercial drivers.
Driver management. Monitor the performance of your drivers across the entire fleet. Spot trends and provide targeted coaching to help improve safety and reduce operating costs.

Which apps are right for you?

A Telogis sales consultant can help you decide which apps are right for your fleet and mobile workers. A connected vehicle solution is required to get information from the vehicle, and this will be based on the make up of your fleet.

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Choose your hardware

The best tablet or smartphone for your business will vary based on factors such as job type, portability needs and apps used.

Purchase mobile devices


Operating system. Telogis is an Apple Mobility Partner Program member and our apps are optimized for iOS. Apps are available, with a wide variety of sizes for phones and tablets. Contact our solution consultants to learn about all your device options.

Screen size. A larger screen is useful for video sharing, navigation or more complex apps, however it is less portable, can have a shorter battery life and be more vulnerable to damage.

Power. Battery life may also be a factor. The device needs to last for as long as it away from a charger. An in-vehicle mount that can charge the device will minimize the battery life requirements, while also limiting charging port damage. (See Accessories below).

Robustness. Mobile workers' devices often need protection, especially when dealing with harsh conditions or rough terrain. A device's robustness can be enhanced with accessories such as screen protectors, handgrips and skins (See Accessories below).

Telogis apps are supported across a wide range of devices


There are a range of accessories that can help make the life of the mobile worker easier, their workday more efficient and the device last longer.

  • Screen protectors
  • Skins
  • Handgrip
  • Mounts
  • In-cradle chargers
  • Casings

What accessories you need will depend on the job requirements, and how the device is used. It will also depend on whether the device is left in the vehicle at the end of the work shift, or stays with the driver.

Purchase accessories

Data (Network)

Your mobile devices need to have connectivity outside of WiFi areas (or access to in-vehicle WiFi).

Network: Verizon Wireless operates the nation's largest 4G LTE network. We’ll also help you check coverage areas to make sure your workers are always connected.

Verizon Telogis Verizon

Data usage: For standard location and data reporting, 500MB/mo is sufficient, however more detailed field reporting (vehicle inspections, video sharing etc.) may need more.


Security and deployment

Before you provide devices to your mobile workers you need to consider how to best deploy apps, secure devices, and manage data with a user-centric approach.

Data security. Effective security involves setting the right level of restrictions without impacting productivity. How can you keep company data safe and secure? Mobile Device Management (MDM) allows you to deploy a company wide framework managing corporate data and apps. Lost or stolen devices can easily be tracked and erased.
Deployment. Apple’s Device Enrollment Program combined with an MDM solution will provide a seamless onboarding experience for mobile workers. This provides flexibility and control to integrate existing applications, IT policies and infrastructures.
Manage. Be in control and help keep your mobile workers productive by streamlining the management of all mobile devices. Configure policies for device restrictions, layout, settings access, notifications or updates, based on platform or ownership type (BYOD or corporate-owned). The MDM solution will provide an ongoing management framework.

2-minute iPad setup

Equipping your employees with Telogis mobile workforce apps is super simple. Jonah Klevesahl, Global Alliance Manager - Enterprise, Jamf, demonstrates how easy it is to roll out iPads that your field workers can start using right away - less setup fuss, more productivity.


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We have a wealth of experience helping mobile workforces go through the process and can help you avoid the pitfalls, making sure you get your new mobile solution off to the best start possible.

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