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Rolling out a comprehensive fulfillment solution for your mobile workforce can seem overwhelming. Tablets or smartphones? Accessories? Data security? Driver safety? Apps? Wireless connectivity? Updates? So many questions, so many options and so many different providers.

Let us make the whole process easy, seamless and straightforward. Learn more about our total mobile workforce fulfillment solution.

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“Last-mile technology is the most important feature for us. It allows us to get our trucks directly to the driveway we need to get in.” Director of Enterprise Safety and DOT Compliance, CVS Health

More features. More flexibility.

  • Mobile friendly

    Works on most popular mobile devices, minimizing hardware and IT costs while improving user adoption.

  • Real-world views

    Realistic map views closely match actual road view and highway signs to improve safety and minimize distraction.

  • Road modifiers

    Influence the routes suggested to your drivers by adding modifiers to road segments or discouraging left turns.

  • Truck legal routes

    Route vehicles using STAA-approved roads based on the vehicle’s size, weight and load type e.g. HAZMAT.

  • Spoken directions

    Drivers get spoken turn-by-turn directions so they can focus on the road ahead and upcoming maneuvers.

  • Smart autocomplete

    Entering new destinations is easier with smart autocomplete features that remember favorites and recent history.

  • Route feedback

    Drivers can use the built-in feedback feature to submit information about route quality, disruptions or emergencies.

  • Last-mile navigation

    Provide drivers accurate turn-by-turn directions right to the loading dock. Ideal for large private yards.

  • Fleet integration

    Easily set up all your drivers, vehicles and jobs by integrating with Telogis Fleet, part of the Telogis connected intelligence platform.

  • Nightmode

    Set the navigation screen to automatically switch to a color scheme that’s easier on the eyes in a dark cab.

  • Offline map data

    Offline map data means uninterrupted navigation even in remote locations where cellular coverage is limited.

  • Pinpoint accuracy

    Telogis’ sophisticated geocoding engine generates accurate destination points, not approximate guesses.

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