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Navigation is so much more than getting from one street address to the next

The last mile of a journey is often the most critical and, statistically, the most dangerous. Telogis Sites allows you to guide drivers, mobile technicians and field service workers all the way to their final destination, minimizing the risk of accidents, cutting down on costs and reducing dwell time.

It’s a way to change dots on a map to highly-detailed site maps with valuable information for drivers on everything from the best way to approach, safety tips around the site and getting to their actual destination – down to the last meter.

Telogis Sites works best with Telogis Navigation

Telogis Sites is designed to integrate with Telogis Navigation to bring the power of detailed maps and route guidance direct to the driver’s mobile device.

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The last mile is the most dangerous mile

Getting to a street address is the easy part. Navigating the last mile – whether it is a large shopping mall, private yard, remote oilfield or congested urban area – can be dangerous, costly and stressful for drivers.

Telogis Sites provides drivers and mobile workers with clear directions to get to their final stop safely, while meeting the customer's requirements. Navigate depots, parking lots and other private sites safer than ever before.

Organize map markers any way you like

Every site marker is unique – it's a lot more than just a dot on the map. Telogis Sites lets you bring all that valuable data together in one place. Even better, you can create custom tags that can be used for searching, reporting or integrating with third-party systems.

This allows for a lot of flexibility in deciding how you want to organize sites that are important to your business. Examples include making it possible for drivers to easily see all preferred fuel stops or authorized service centers that are located nearby.

Keep your last mile costs down

On average 20% of the route cost is in the last mile, but it can be as high as 50%. Congestion, excessive idling and complicated re-positioning can chew through fuel, waste time and increase labor costs. Confused or lost drivers are more likely to cause an accident.

Giving drivers clear directions on the best way to enter and exit a site, information on nearby hazards, loading dock type, gate codes or how to position their vehicle correctly, can improve traffic flow, help them meet delivery time windows and reduce unproductive waiting time.

Reduce waiting time with faster turnarounds

Helping your drivers get in and out of the yard as efficiently as possible is good for shippers, receivers and your fleet’s productivity. Telogis technology can help you work more effectively with shipping yards:

  • Coordinate on arrival time windows
  • Provide accurate ETAs
  • Automate deliveries
  • Go paperless

Give everyone – dispatchers, shippers, receivers and drivers – more real-time visibility on trucking operations to help create a more cooperative and coordinated working environment.

Four ways to speed up depot turnaround time
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“Last-mile technology is the most important feature for us. It allows us to get our trucks directly to the driveway we need to get in.” Director of Enterprise Safety and DOT Compliance, CVS Health

More features. More flexibility.

  • Standardized traffic flow

    Plan traffic flow in and around busy commercial sites to avoid problems with local residents and help drivers maintain route compliance.

  • High-definition mapping

    Customize detailed maps of private sites using the most recent sub-meter satellite imagery commercially available. Collate all site data in one place.

  • Preferred service providers

    Setup and categorize service providers you want drivers to use. Direct them to the nearest authorized service center, DEF supplier or gas station.

  • Geofenced alerts

    Setup automated notifications when tracked vehicles enter or exit geofenced sites. Useful for streamlining delivery confirmation and generating customer reports.

  • New driver assistance

    Easily share the knowledge of experienced drivers with new or contract drivers to help them avoid hazards unique to each site.

  • Customized solutions

    Our professional services team have years of experience creating solutions that custom fit the client’s needs. Tell them what you need and put them to the test.

  • Scalable Solutions

    No matter the size of your business we can support rapid growth and high transaction environments.

  • We’ll take care of your data

    Telogis has a battle-hardened infrastructure of carrier-grade data centers that have been built and designed to handle the day-to-day demands of the world’s largest fleets.

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